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  1. Please upload it to cloud/mega or produce a torrent file for it?
  2. Please upload this as a torrent file or as @cisconerd22 said in mega or cloud.
  3. Please upload this as a torrent file or as @cisconerd22 said in mega or cloud.
  4. sorry, yes you are right, it is more logical since your purpose to is to add the loopback to the vrf and not expose it to the global routing table since from the start all of the interfaces are member of the vrf already.
  5. Emails not allowed. Read the rules or get banned. Whatever you wish to share, share it under share section.
  6. I think what you mean is A, that is the option where you add the VRF on the global routing table... E is saying add a static VRF route to the loopback right?
  7. I think this question is being referenced to this cisco link... [Hidden Content] That is why the answer is D. Don't worry I thought it's A as well...
  8. I hope anyone can confirm if the answer is indeed the correct one. A network engineer has setup VRF-Lite on 2 routers (RI and R2) where all the interfaces are in the same VRF. At a later time, a new loopback is added to R1 but it cannot ping any of the existing interfaces. Which 2 configurations will enable the local or remote router to ping from any existing interface? (Choose two) A. Adding a static route for the VRF that points to the global route table B. Adding the loopback to the VRF C. Adding dynamic routing between the two routers and advertising the loopback D. Adding the IP address of the loopback to the export route targets for the VRF E. Adding a static route for the VRF that points to the loopback interface F. Adding all the interfaces to the global and VRF tables. Answer: AB Please let me know why not AE since it said before that all interfaces are on the same VRF? Cheers!
  9. Is there a new link for this? Appreciate all the help!!!
  10. Tower Dell PowerEdge R610 2x 6-Core XEON X5680 3.33Ghz 96GB 2x146GB 10K RAID Perc H70 Or any Tower Server you can recommend for creating network labs, security, load balancer VMs. Please let me know if you know anyone that is selling locally in Metro Vancouver B.C. Thanks,
  11. Hi, Anyone where I can buy an Asus laptop zenbook with 24GB of RAM? I found this site in amazon but it's not available now. [Hidden Content] Anyone could give a tip on what link or reseller or distributor I should go here in Vancouver B.C.? THANKS!
  12. Hi, I tried to install AndyOS or Nox but how do I get to install the apk file and also the vce file inside the Andy OS or NOx? Can you guide? Thanks,
  13. Hi, Can you also upload the video for CCNP candidate's for EIGRP, OSPF, DMVPN, BGP? Thanks,
  14. mega is saying file is to big for transfer. Maybe send a torrent or magnet link...
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