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  1. merlino

    RHCA exams

    Can you share ex280 pls
  2. Hi Sorry if this question has been asked before or I am starting a duplicate thread, but I am searching for RHEL 7 (RHCE/RHCSA) exams and Red Hat Open Shift, is there someone who can share? Thanks
  3. Hey anyone know the difference RH124 vs RH134 vs RH199 vs RH254 ??
  4. Hey sorry, does anyone have the link to the RHEL 7 book>
  5. Hi Sorry if I may have brought up an old topic, but can someone be kind enough to share the RHCE 7 course material? I plan to take the exam after some self-study Thanks in advance
  6. if anyone is willing to share the material and exams, greatly appreciated cheers
  7. Opening this thread again, anyone has RH442? Thanks
  8. hey bros looking for Virtualization material RH318 and EX318 Please post if available thanks!
  9. Hi Bros looking for RH442 / EX442 material as above. Please let me know if you can hook me up with this Thanks!
  10. merlino


    Bringing up an old thread, taking the RHS333 course soon. Any one have tips here? Is the course material sufficient prep to pass the EX333? I was thinking to get my hands on some sample questions, anyone have a link? Thanks
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