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  1. Interesting set of video. Is there more info regards? BTW, the links are dead...
  2. I do not...I only do ACMP exam because I was asked to do...I do not use Aruba stuffs either...
  3. Hope this is useful and helpful...
  4. Anyone recently did the HEP6-A71 exam? Just hope someone to share some useful information.
  5. Looking for the dump as well. Please share.
  6. I am recently tasked to do exam HPE6-A71 for the ACMP cert...I can not find anything in forum but I did find the link below from other site... I think it is the best I could find so far and hope it is up to date...Use it for the exam at your own risk. I am planning to do the exam next week OR early Aug... [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. Thanks for the share!!! Found the release notes: [Hidden Content] The reference images are the same as v2.0 released back in May. Wish there are new images...
  8. I have "csr1000vng-universalk9." running in EVE-NG and wonder what is the difference between it and the one coming from CML, other than the version#? Also is GNS3 lighter than GNS3 resource utilization wise?
  9. Just help me understand what is the purpose of the UKSM patch?
  10. Please re-share. The file is not found...
  11. Now the VIRL 2.0 OR CML-P is available, can someone post the updated L2/3 vios images?
  12. Hope there will be the bundle for Sec soon ...
  13. Is there any updated iosv available? The CCIE Ent. lab software page shows "Cisco IOSv with Cisco IOS Software Release 15.8". Can someone share it?
  14. Now I am interested to know what would be the difference between IOL and VIOS for L2 and L3...
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