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  1. Alternate link for EU/International ("Outside Iran") users: [hide][Hidden Content]] Change file part numbers [1-34] NOTE: Not my upload, just got the info from original uploader site. Above links working at the moment but might stop any time. Also, links will be expired by April 12
  2. (Thanks to original designer of this topology which I believe has been shared around here already) Basic Instructions: Start up configurations included for all the devices which come pre-configured in real lab exam. Topology is using 4 physical interfaces of EVE-NG Server (Bare Metal) bound to Cloud Interfaces for interconnecting nodes but these cloud interfaces can be updated based on user EVE-NG environment setup. Tip: If you know EVE-NG good enough, this all can be managed even with 2 Interfaces. Topology is connecting to Physical Switch through one of the physical interfaces on EVE-NG server which can also be updated to use only virtual switches (vIOS,IOL) as they can provide all the features required (atleast as far as Lab Dumps are concerned) minus physical IP Phone (Voice VLAN limitation on virtual Switches) + Access Point (for obvious reason). To represent servers (loopbacks on routers), I used text based images which are just cosmetic stuff and can be removed (too lazy to update those ) Most Importantly: Just use your head! For more instructions regarding cloud networks management in EVE-NG, refer official cookbooks: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] LAB Topology FILE: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Yup not activated or atleast not downloading any labs.
  4. I suppose that is what happened. I forgot to check the folders after getting root access from Live CD and just rebooted. Will try again.
  5. or maybe it had some defense mechanism. I am pretty sure i could see unetlab directory before resetting root password even though labs folder was empty but now after reset unetlab folder is gone :/
  6. I hacked it already. Not really "Hack" but just cracked root password. So far what i could see, its empty!! There are no labs or anything special other than few Qemu images.
  7. Thats true but who cares about them atleast personally i will have some interesting new things to work with.
  8. I doubt that its going to be any drastic change in terms of technology but i like the new exam format, its more interactive: [Hidden Content] most importantly, lot more topologies to work with. Reading through each module description, it sounds like no more shitty arbitrary questions like in v5. Now the questions will be more descriptive and detailed scenarios which sounds fun! Speaking of technology: [Hidden Content] ISE 2.2?!?! WTF!
  9. Still no interview thingy: [Hidden Content]
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