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  1. you can use VMware Player to extract the OVA file . After extract the downloaded filed go to My document ---> Virtual Machine You will find the VM Disk there . One more Important . Those disk come up with out interface configuration .If upload as it is each lab u need to configure interfaces manual and wasting you time .better Do it in the vm player when you exact them OVA . one time login with credential follow up the link [Hidden Content] from the section Connect interface. then upload to UNL Thanks Nova Joseph.
  2. Just i uploaded as 55 MB Single file ..Don't know when its going to expire .hurry up to download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Post GNS preference setting for GNS server and try to ping the ip as well
  4. What is the different between end vs standard ..do share if u get end:)
  5. Dear Kadm, 1. i had a issue with qemu software. with out upgrade i had been trying finally i connected to the internet and upgraded to the latest version. 2. Image of asa.qemu i downloaded from the Chinese website but it was not fully downloaded .i did md5 check and it was not matched then i asked my friends they gave me correct one(don't ask me because its from company) . symptoms of problem unsigned certificate issue and asa is reboot everytime 3. VNC i was tring with telnet then i used vnc its working no i am planning to do IPS I will update soon
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