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  1. You can basically google "AWVS13_Docker", then you'll get a hit on a chinese blog and it that blog post is a link to a hub docker page which likely is the source
  2. It's a commercial tool, with the course you only get a temp demo license
  3. It's because if you copy and paste it from this webpage you will get a extra space at the end...
  4. Downloaded the first part just to see and yup, it's 2017 version C01_02 1Q17.
  5. It's seems to be videos from OnDemand and mp3's for the course, no pdf's.
  6. You just have to go to Ebay.com and search for sans sec 660 (or 760)...seller is harddriverecovery
  7. "from where you buying it?? there is no 660 or 760 on Ebay" Well, it seems now there is...
  8. Yeah, I agree. Also you can get much of the material if you combine these resources: Book: Professional Penetration Testing (Thomas Wilhelm) Online resources for book: [Hidden Content] ISSAF (penetration testing methodology) (Google it) OSSTMM (penetration testing methodology) (Google it)
  9. I have been looking around for Black Hat Course material. The courses at Black Hat are generally pretty exclusive and not to be found anywhere else and considering the price tag they are almost up there with SANS courses. So far, the only one's I found are basically on this forum: Blackhat Infrastructure Attacktecs™ & Defentecs™ "Hacking into a Cisco Network" [Hidden Content] (download link in this thread still working) SamuraiWTF Course Slides v13 - Black Hat Vegas 2012 [Hidden Content] (can easily be found by googling incl newer version v18) [hide][Hidden Content]] [hide][Hidden Content]] and this Real_World_Penetration_Testing_BlackHat_2011 Tactical_Explotation_from_BlackHat_training_and_HDmore_2010 [Hidden Content] (unfortunatelly the download links are not working, not surprising considering this was a 2012 share) Anyone have Real_World_Penetration_Testing_BlackHat_2011 or Tactical_Explotation_from_BlackHat_training_and_HDmore_2010? Does anyone have any newer Black Hat training material (not presentations, but training)?
  10. Never heard of it, do you have a link?
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