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  1. old one retired [Hidden Content] WHat do we do now ? take another track i suppose ?
  2. Hi Gang, Studying Amazon Web Services - Solution Architect Study, current plan is A cloud guru videos / labs ( Complete) A cloud guru Exam simulator read the documentation on AWS pages [Hidden Content] Can anyone who is doing this or has done it answer the following... Any other tips ? is there any dumps or good question simuators out there ? any groups to join ? Thanks For your help Dave
  3. is the 208 enough to pass or do you need to read 195 also ?
  4. thanks for the vce its only got 179 q's ? anyone got the rest - supposed to be 208 right ? cheers Dave
  5. QUESTION 85 Which mechanism can be used on Layer 2 switches so that only multicast packets with downstream receives are sent on the multicast router-connected ports? multicast filtering PIM snooping Router Guard IGMP snooping Answer: B shouldnt that be D ?
  6. hi all - anyone got this CCIE Data Center v2 Transition Technologies Course [Hidden Content] i happy to buy it TBH just wondering if it is any good ? intermediate courses generally are not. Thanks Dave
  7. Can some one share the not restricted version of the file please ? this one you cant print or cut n paste from ?
  8. has anyone got this book ? thanks Dave
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