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  1. Hi all I am looking for " Train Signal - Windows 7 Deployment Training DVD1, DVD2, DVD3 (Exam 70-681) " If somebody has then please share.. Thanks in advance TechSpy
  2. Hi Basti756 Thanks for this info.. but do you have any docs for this installation with WDS or MS Deployment kit.. then pls provide me . that also be helpful for me.. Thanks
  3. Hi guys can i get the document of SCSM installation step by steps Thanks in advance
  4. Demonoid has been hit by a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, bringing down the famous BitTorrent tracker to its knees. The torrent website has been inaccessible to its millions of users for more than a day and is expected to remain offline for quite some time. As you can see in the screenshot above, Demonoid is currently serving up the following error message: Server too busy The action you requested could not be completed because the server is too busy. Please try again in a few minutes Do not click reload - Use the following links Clicking reload will get you this page again Click here to return to the homepage or Click here to go back I said this attack was "massive" because it has resulted in a series of problems that may take a while to address. Over the years, Demonoid has been down many times, sometimes disappearing for months. "It started as a DDoS but then it caused a series of problems," Demonoid's admin told TorrentFreak. "These problems need to be fixed before the site can go back up, and it’s a complicated fix this time. There might have been an attack from another angle, an exploit of sorts, but it’s hard to tell right now without a full check of everything. Our human resources became limited in the last few months. All tech issues are handled just by me now and there is no one else to take the job. I’ll fix the site as soon as possible, but it might be a while this time." It's currently unclear whether or not the attack against Demonoid was anti-piracy related. Either way, Demonoid's users have to find an alternative for their downloading needs while they wait for its return.
  5. Today's jury award of $1.05 billion in damages to Apple after Samsung was found to have blatantly ripped off its designs will have a ripple effect through the entire Android community. I wouldn't feel too good if I was HTC right now -- or Google. After 21 hours of deliberation, a nine-person jury sided with Apple on a majority of its patent infringement claims against Samsung. Apple originally asked for $2.75 billion in damages, Samsung asked for $421 million in its countersuit and got nothing. (Complete coverage). While Samsung's the biggest offender, almost every Android smartphone looks practically the same these days and just about any Android OEM could be the next target of Apple's legal team. Take a look at the HTC One X (pictured above) ... or Jellybean for that matter. They're spitting images of iOS. Right down to the size and proportion of the icons and the menu bar and dock. If the current crop of Android smartphones didn't have larger screens, they'd be practically indistinguishable from iPhones from a distance. To better understand how egregiously Andrdoid copied iOS one need to look no further than a Windows Phone (above). Its UI is completely different and a genuine departure from the "icon grid" home screen layout found on iOS. Android, by comparison, is a shameless lift of the iOS home screen. The only difference is that that Google tries to switch it up a little by changing the swipe animation or the scrolling direction. In what's sure to be a precedent-setting case, Samsung, HTC and all the Android OEMs will be forced to completley re-think and refine their user interfaces so that they're not so "Appley" or they'll risk being on the receiving end of a legal whooping from Apple. Google now needs to take a long, hard look at its Android UI/UX and I bet that big changes will be coming to the next flavor of Android, a.k.a. "Key Lime Pie." In fact, I'd venture to say that Apple would have a pretty good case against Android and that it might be able to deliver a similar blow to Google in court (although it's not quite a slam dunk). Google's digging in it's heels and isn't going to roll over. It's already lawyered up in preparation for Motorola Mobility's patent infringement case against Apple in which the Google-owned hardware maker claims that Apple infringes seven of its patents (including location reminders, email notification, and Siri). Regardless of the merit of the Motorola action, Apple will be going into the courtroom with a serious head of steam after its major legal victory today. Does Google have anything to worry about? Isn't Android essentially an iOS clone?
  6. TechSpy

    Microsoft New Look

    It’s been 25 years since we’ve updated the Microsoft logo and now is the perfect time for a change. This is an incredibly exciting year for Microsoft as we prepare to release new versions of nearly all of our products. From Windows 8 to Windows Phone 8 to Xbox services to the next version of Office, you will see a common look and feel across these products providing a familiar and seamless experience on PCs, phones, tablets and TVs. This wave of new releases is not only a reimagining of our most popular products, but also represents a new era for Microsoft, so our logo should evolve to visually accentuate this new beginning. The Microsoft brand is about much more than logos or product names. We are lucky to play a role in the lives of more than a billion people every day. The ways people experience our products are our most important “brand impressions”. That’s why the new Microsoft logo takes its inspiration from our product design principles while drawing upon the heritage of our brand values, fonts and colors. [Hidden Content] The logo has two components: the logotype and the symbol. For the logotype, we are using the Segoe font which is the same font we use in our products as well as our marketing communications. The symbol is important in a world of digital motion (as demonstrated in the video above.) The symbol’s squares of color are intended to express the company’s diverse portfolio of products. Starting today, you’ll see the new Microsoft logo being used prominently. It will be used on Microsoft.com – the 10th most visited website in the world. It is in three of our Microsoft retail stores today (Boston, Seattle’s University Village and Bellevue, Wash.) and will shine brightly in all our stores over the next few months. It will sign off all of our television ads globally. And it will support our products across various forms of marketing. Fully implementing a change like this takes time, so there may be other instances where you will see the old logo being used for some time. We’re excited about the new logo, but more importantly about this new era in which we’re reimagining how our products can help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.
  7. Hi Guys Looking for Latest VCP 510 ( VSphere ) Exam Dumps. Thanks in advance
  8. News has been circulating the web indicating that EMC may be on the verge of using some of its $5.65 billion in cash to acquire some security companies. EMC COO David Goulden went on record saying that the company is interested in security, making it EMC’s top priority in the acquisitions department. EMC is known for its storage technology and has amassed its fortune both through steady sales and through acquisitions, such as that of VMware back in 2004. Analysts, such as Brian Marhhall of ISI Group, are now suggesting that EMC may go after firewall makers Fortinet Inc. or Palo Alto Networks Inc. Both companies provide firewall solutions that address more modern IT concerns than many of the traditional approaches used by more prominent security companies. EMC does have plenty of experience in the security industry. In 2006, it acquired RSA, a company that deals in encryption and network security software. Also in 2006, EMC acquired Authentica Inc., a company that developed enterprise rights management software. In 2007, the company bought the Indian security software company Valyd, with the intention of merging its products into RSA. Also in 2007, it acquired Verid, another authentication company, and Tablus, a firm that deals with data classification and policy-based enforcement of data. Most recently, EMC purchased Archer Technologies in 2010, a company that sells governance, risk, and compliance software. All of these acquisitions could point to a need to beef up the security in its storage systems and its VMware division, especially if it intends to successfully operate in the cloud, where it faces more network-based risks. Moreover, EMC can strengthen its own security division, RSA, by adding more products to its portfolio through acquisitions. Regardless of its reasons for acquisitions, EMC’s strategy seems to be working. The company is currently valued at 15 times the earnings that were projected for 2012. Its shares have also gained 19 percent this year. All of that is good news for a company that was once thought to be on the decline. Source [Hidden Content]
  9. NO body know about Comm vault Simpana 9 certification....!
  10. Hi I have to upgrade 100 pcs from winxp to win7. can i use windows deployment kit. or i can user SCCM for this deployment.. but customer doesn't want to invest on SCCM.. can be user SCCM trial period for this & afterward we can takeout SCCM server . Any-other method for this deployment is welcome..
  11. Thanks.. i will wait for you Pdf files
  12. Hi I have to upgrade 100 pcs from winxp to win7. can i use windows deployment kit. or i can user SCCM for this deployment.. but customer doesn't want to invest on SCCM.. can be user SCCM trial period for this & afterward we can takeout SCCM server . Any-other method for this deployment is welcome..
  13. Hi guys I have asked by my managment to go for commvault simpana 9 certification but i didn't know much about this certification, I only knew that this is for backup. can somebody tell me more about this. also let me know what is the market demand for this in asian market. Thanks in advance TechSpy.
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