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  1. @R2013 Thanks for the great stuff. Any chances to get the qcow image for Analytics?
  2. But WHY? You can use PNET [Hidden Content] same features for free
  3. Hi agree with Mi0..... Ask CCIE folks how does split-horizon works in conjunction with poison reverse in EIGRP. Majority will not be able to tell you.
  4. that would be very old, perhaps from 2010 Ipexpert
  5. Ok. There are 29 Videos and 19 lab files . So one video and 1 lab is missing. Thank you so much for this!!!!
  6. Yes, if you are working on Service Provider track.
  7. Anyone has anything for clearpass?
  8. BGP is a broad topic. I don't think it can be covered in 2 hours as listed by CBT
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