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  1. I have p4s but all licenses used. If you provide any method how can i share it, i will, maybe capture screen, but cant do that by hand.
  2. The exe file contained in the archive, IMHO is a trojan or something harmful, when I scanned it, it contained nmap scanner and others. Also my antivirus was quiet about that file.
  3. anyone can send me invitation?, pleeeease <email-id removed>
  4. yap, share the torrent, downloading so many links from hotfile is pain in ass.
  5. Hello, could anyone share this doc: [Hidden Content] Seems very interesting for me and cant find anywhere. Or if you have any good document Penetrating VPN gateways, share it. Thanks
  6. seed people please. Anyone can provide me this iso, I need it as soon as possible. Thanks.
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