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  1. To simulate INE content, you can run all virtual, CSR1000V and ASR9000V. It goes well on EVE-NG
  2. Not working, someone can upload?
  3. Who can confirm troytec (.com) to be valid source? They say to have updated 400-251 on May, 4th
  4. Guys, just wondering on two things: - you've used only 103q? how about 251q posted earlier? - maybe you were able to remember just 1-2 new questions? it's better than nothing
  5. Guys, just curious if exam really changes *completely* like every 50 days or maybe there's some pecentage of the new questions? Also, nobody who appeared after Apr 26th really doesn't remember any single new question?
  6. IN the following question: A security engineer must evaluate Cisco Security Manager. Which two options are benefits of using Cisco Security Manager to manage security? (Choose two): A. Configuration of access control plane policies on multiple Cisco ASA firewalls at once B. Automatic software upgrades on multiple firewall devices C. Ability to console into each firewall from centralized management D. Configuration of ACLs on multiple Cisco VSG firewalls at once E. Configuration of IPS signatures on multiple FirePOWER sensors at once Is E really a correct one? FirePOWER is listed as supported only for ASA-mode management, not for IPS in CSM 4.11: [Hidden Content] Also, guys on forums stated that "CSM Has no FirePOWER management capabilities".
  7. Hi! Can you share on MEGA? This uptobox is just not downloading.
  8. Hmm.. Ain't it much more useful to make this share as a torrent? Works much faster and much less annoying compared to MEGA.
  9. Hello everyone! Can anyone post 15.3.3-JD7 w7 (Standalone AP) software for as many AP models as possible?
  10. Can you upload the photos to MEGA? we'll collaborate to figure out the correct answers
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