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  1. Not 2020. Still 2019. The one that was shared already in here.
  2. You are a legend. Bought a mega account just for this and I will keep everything alive.
  3. @klashnikov Please share FOR572 VOD and PDF
  4. @markszym Totally satisfied with WAPTXv2 Packed with labs and a great exam experience...
  5. I did that exam recently. @pizzaahr3
  6. @AURON691 @cipher15 @igoj There are other paths to admin as well.
  7. Unfortunately ELearn moved all the good stuff into their labs to minimize the damage from leaks. We need the labs. All the advanced stuff are there.
  8. Looking for Full Stack Web Attack from srcincite. Me and my colleagues are looking to buy some other private trainings like dark side ops. If someone is willing to share full stack web attack with everyone, we can coordinate to release the private trainings we will buy for all members.
  9. Me and my colleagues are looking to buy both dark side ops. We are also looking for full stack web attack from srcincite
  10. @tumex nicely said WAPTX should be updated sometime soon as well.
  11. The Treasurehunter pos malware's source code has been leaked. Anyone got his hands around this?
  12. Hi guys, Has anyone come accross Sans SEC555: SIEM-Tactical Analytics ? Fairly new but worths the shot...
  13. What does the slingshot VM include? Does it have anything useful for training purposes?
  14. [Hidden Content] Does anyone have the leaked Android banking trojan's source code? Is it the old leaked GM bot source code or something new? Thanks in advance !
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