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  1. Folks, Are we able to test Identity Management tasks, like MAB, dot1x authentication, on either VIOS L2 or IOL L2?
  2. what's the advantage of upgrading this to 6.2? are there new features available? which ones?
  3. the configs arent loaded automatically. do we need to take any step to make them load automatically or do we need to manually copy & paste configs?
  4. are the initial configs for each vol1 lab available for this? is there any easy way to convert them from gns/real to iou format (ethernet interfaces)? or do we need to manually do this for each lab?
  5. the admin/cisco password combination does not work on qemu. on vmware it doesnot ask for a passw and it works
  6. i finally was able to make some progress on running titanium under qemu, however, the credentials admin/cisco does not work. strange thing is that if i run it on vmware it does not even ask for a password and it works. any1 experienced this aswell?
  7. i am also having a hard time getting this to work. if i use the .vmdk image on gns3, I get the following message when i try to start the qemu guest: "issues have been detected while starting nodes, please check details..." if i click on show details is shows me the following: QEMU1: error from server 209-unable to start instance 'QEMU1' any1 knows how to resolve this? i can start an asa or ids instance, so it does not seem to be a problem with the qemu itself, just with titanium tks
  8. lurikri

    fpm question

    i think the FRAGMENTS class need to be a match-any and not a match-all...if you are using match-all, it wont match the last fragmented packet as it will have a fragment offset gt 0 but the more fragment bit will not be set.
  9. is this question happening again?
  10. lurikri

    fpm question

    is this is a new question that is comin out nowadays? VE+?
  11. hii u all.. is this lab that contains the ldap and nac stuff? is this still circulating? or no more ldap and nac?
  12. yes that's what i meant, so i cannot save the cofigs and have them saved once i reboot the vm? i wish this could be saved =/ how do i get to the root mode? thanks
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