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  1. Author(s): Sander van Vugt Publisher: Pearson It Certification, Year: 2019 ISBN: 0135938139,9780135938133 Learn, prepare, and practice for Red Hat RHCSA 8 (EX200) exam success with this Cert Guide from Pearson IT Certification, a leader in IT Certification learning. Master Red Hat RHCSA 8 EX200 exam topics Assess your knowledge with chapter-ending quizzes.
  2. Author(s): Sander van Vugt Publisher: Pearson IT Certification, Year: 2020 ISBN: 0136872433,9780136872436 Description: Red Hat RHCE™ 8 Cert Guide is designed to help you pass the newest version of the Hat Certified Engineer exam for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, and master the skills you need to automate Linux and execute common system administration tasks with Red Hat® Ansible® Engine. The most comprehensive and time-efficient RHCE 8 prep guide available, it's also an extraordinarily cost-effective complement to other training, including the author’s own RHCE Complete Video Course. Authored by a leading Red Hat trainer, consultant, and speaker, it presents focused, straight-to-the-point coverage of every exam topic.
  3. Hello everybody. The company I work for has decided to migrate all servers to Linux and there are only two possible choices: - Ubuntu Server 16 - CentOS 7 Servers will be virtualized over ESXi VMware and must provide Samba services as members of a Windows 2008 Domain, using Kerberos authentication to connect with LDAP of the domain. Which one would you choose in order to give a better service, compatibilities, updates, troubles, bugs, ...? Thanks in advance. Best regards.
  4. There are insturctions in a TXT file. You may also look at the original post: [Hidden Content]
  5. Originally shared by manofring: Contents: [Hidden Content] Links: [Hidden Content] Password: [Hidden Content]
  6. kxmeni

    AIX Manuals

    Not going to share any AIX stuff anymore. Thanks for your "kindness" and "courtesy".
  7. The Definitive Guide to Samba 4 by Roderick Smith The Definitive Guide to Samba 3 by Roderick Smith (Author) Thanks in advance.
  8. Abotaha's link has no key to open the doc.
  9. "Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) in Red Hat OpenStack" is already available at safaribooksonline.com First 7 lessons (out of 14) can be viewed with a 10-day free trial: [Hidden Content] Contents already available:
  10. These lessons are scheduled to be published in February 19th, 2016. It's very interesting so I will try to get it for sharing. [Hidden Content] Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) in Red Hat OpenStack LiveLessons By Sander van Vugt Published Feb 19, 2016 by Pearson IT Certification. Part of the LiveLessons series.
  11. @drcom: Thank you very much for sharing. All links are still available to download from mediafire. Alternative links: [Hidden Content]
  12. 55 books about shell scripting, Bash, Vi / Vim, AWK, Sed, command line. Format: PDF Size: 266 MB Contents: 017 - (O'Reilly) Learning the Vi Editor (6th Edition).pdf Wiley - Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible.pdf Wrox - Beginning Linux Programming 4th Ed.pdf A.Practical.Guide.to.Fedora.and.RHEL.7th.Edition.2014.epub bash-101-hacks.pdf bash-101-hacks.tar Bash-Cheatsheet.pdf Bash.Guide.for.Beginners.pdf Bash Manual Page.pdf bash_pocket_reference.pdf bashref.pdf Fedora_Linux_Toolbox.pdf grep_Pocket_Reference.pdf How_Linux_Works.2014.pdf How Linux Works, 2nd Edition.pdf Learning Linux Shell Scripting.pdf learning_the_vi_and_vim_editors_seventh_edition.pdf Linux-101-Hacks.pdf Linux.101.Hacks.pdf Linux Administration A Beginner's Guide (6th Edition).pdf Linux Bible, 9th Edition.2015.pdf linux.bible.9th.edition.pdf linux_command_line_and_shell_scripting_bible.pdf Linux_Command_Line_and_Shell_Scripting_Bible.pdf Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible, Third Edition.2015.pdf Linux Essentials, 2nd Edition.pdf Linux.Quick.Fix.Notebook.2005.pdf Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook, 2nd Edition.pdf linux_shell_scripting_cookbook.pdf Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook Second Edition.pdf Linux Shell Scripting Essentials.pdf lx23.programacion.shell.bash.pdf Mastering Linux Shell Scripting.pdf Mastering Unix Shell Scripting, 2nd Edition.pdf Mastering Unix Shell Scripting.pdf OReilly - Sed & Awk 2nd Edition.pdf Packt.Linux.Utilities.Cookbook.pdf Practical Vim.pdf Prentice.Hall-Unix.Shells.By.Example,4th.Edition.chm Prentice.Hall-Unix.Shells.By.Example,4th.Edition.epub Prentice.Hall-Unix.Shells.By.Example,4th.Edition.pdf Pro Bash Programming.pdf Programacion Bash.pdf programacion scripts_Bash.pdf Sed-and-Awk-101-Hacks.pdf sed & awk, 2nd Edition.epub Shell.Scripting.Expert.Recipes.pdf Shell Scripting Recipes, 2nd Edition.pdf Sybex.Linux.Essentials.Apr.2012.pdf The_Linux_Command_Line__A_Complete.pdf The Linux Command Line.epub The Linux Command Line.pdf vi_and_vim_editors_pocket_reference_second_edition.pdf vim.101.hacks.pdf Links: [Hidden Content]
  13. Downloaded in less than 2 minutes. Thanks for sharing tm022_labsetupguide.pdf tm022_slides.zip tm022_studentexercises.pdf tm022_studentmanuals.pdf tm022_instructormanuals.pdf Feliz navidad
  14. D72896GC40 - Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration - AG.pdf (Activity Guide) - 200 pages D72896GC40 - Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration - EP.pdf (Electronic Presentation) - 731 pages D72896GC40 - Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration - SG1.pdf (Student Guide 1) - 424 pages D72896GC40 - Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration - SG2.pdf (Student Guide 2) - 430 pages Format: 4 PDF in one RAR file Size: 17 MB Date of docs: September 2014 [Hidden Content] Contents: Lesson 1: Introduction Lesson 2: Installing the Oracle Solaris 11 Operating System Lesson 3: Managing Boot and Shutdown of a System Lesson 4: Administering Services by Using SMF Lesson 5: Administering Software Packages by Using IPS Lesson 6: Managing Data by Using ZFS Lesson 7: Administering the Network Lesson 8: Administering Oracle Solaris Zones Lesson 9: Controlling Access to Systems and Files Lesson 10: Administering User Accounts Lesson 11: Managing System Processes and Scheduling System Tasks Link and password: [Hidden Content]
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