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  1. Thanks Netseek - I’ll hook up and go for it!
  2. Nice going. Can you explain the above please you kind of lost me a bit.
  3. Is Fox accurate then or do we need to use all 3? Thanks
  4. Yes, you sent the wrong details.
  5. CCIE lab expires June 2020 - $1300
  6. Hi guys, for some reason my ASA's are getting either the timeout value or the connection refused. My switches and routers are fine, has anyone experienced this or have any idea what is going on? Cheers
  7. Hi guys, what VM adapter are you using? I have tried bridged and vnet0 but still don't get an IP I can use. It just stays on which is deployed with the image? Appreciate the help.
  8. Hi guys, What are folks using for the actual lab? I see very little posted. Thanks
  9. With the requirement that the exam option is different. Two of the guys are sending out it is B which is definitely wrong.
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