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  1. dump still valid.... D & D's we're (updated from previous member) OSPF LSAs BGP attributes Set ip next-hop - set interface one Dense Mode - Sparse Mode 6RD 6to4 GRE ISATAP one flow monitor flow record flow export one Down UP - tarcking options VXLAN - VTEP Layer 1-7 PYH , MAC WPAN one PPP HDLC OTV BGP attributes VSL/VSS Metro Ethernet
  2. thoughts on vxlan drag & drop in answer, they have l3 svi as last i have it in this order: underlay features vni to vlans l3 svi loopback source for vtep nve
  3. which question number is the MAC WPN one ? any other that you can remember?
  4. are all 27 D & D's present, that seems a lot more then ive experienced before, can anyone shed some light
  5. paulno1


    i think what he's saying is the spoke is receiving it's NBMA public IP via DHCP from it's ISP now, it's ok if it's the spoke side but it's a problem if it was the hub end...anyhoot because each spoke points to the HUB NBMA public IP as a static NHRP server you're good to go...even when the spokes public IP changes warning though in the midnight the ISP decides to change the spokes public IP address any traffic that would have been using the old public ip of the spoke will have traffic interruption where ipsec tunnel if used will be torn down /and the dynamically learned spokes NHRP entry is removed from other HUBs/or spokes caches (this timer can be tuned to be a lower value) depending on the phase of the deployment.. all in all I would'nt go pitching it in production and warn the customer of the pitfalls.
  6. Seems even UCS FEX support both static and lacp for ether-channel modes Appliance Port Port-Channel UCS supports Static and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) port channels for appliance port configuration. However, there is no virtual Port-Channel (vPC) support. [Hidden Content]
  7. For the physical 2K FEX's seems both static and lacp are supported for ether-channel modes Host EtherChannel The Cisco Nexus 2248TP, Cisco Nexus 2232PP, and Cisco Nexus 2224PP support EtherChannel host interface configurations. Up to eight interfaces can be combined in an EtherChannel. The EtherChannel can be configured with or without LACP.
  8. Somebody has got this working inside UNL - we need this share urgently including the UNL template!!
  9. paulno1

    BGP label issue

    yeah agree with apraskin, think you first need to deduce your AD's in routing logic iBGP AD 200 vs EIGRP internal AD 90 at the same time your understanding of overlay/underlay networks.... cheers.
  10. paulno1

    BGP label issue

    always verify with "show bgp ipv4 unicast labels" as "show mpls forwarding" will only show IGP+LDP forwarding (if you've not configured IGP+LDP then ignore this)
  11. paulno1

    BGP label issue

    RFC3107 yes should work.... Watch ATC video 28 from around 28:00 in SPv3 ATC's if you have them (Inter-AS Option C) but it describes Intra-AS iBGP+Label to replace IGP+LDP. Make sure you're iBGP RR is sending labels to it's own PE's likewise PE's have "send-label" configured facing the RR. Failing that provide your configs & topology. Regards Paul
  12. paulno1


    update LDP is supported on 14.1 R4.8 re-tested seems ok
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