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  1. You got the right answer. in DMVPN Phase 2, you need to configure "no ip eigrp next-hop-self eigrp XXX" in Hub site. in DMVPN Phase 3, you CAN NOT configure "no ip eigrp next-hop-self eigrp XXX" in Hub site. you will see with next-hop ) in Spoke site. But in FIB(cef) next-hop will be NHRP resolutoin)
  2. Test C2040-922 - Developing IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.2 Applications: Advanced XPage Design Thanks...
  3. 1) R4/R5 learn BGP route,and the nexthop is 2) how can R4/R5 recursively lookup this nexthop( via OSPF default route if R5 E0/3 ospf cost is 100, the nexthop of default route in R5 will be R3(it is the reason you see when you tracert
  4. suppose R3 can learn 2 paths(from R2 and R1) to AS 254 you can modify BGP path attributes to make the path learned from R1 best(R3: neighbor R1 weight XXX) now R3 select the path learned from R1 is the best(nexthop is 150.1.YY.254), but it's not enough.. while R3 forward the packet destinated to AS 254, it recursively lookup the nexthop address(150.1.YY.254), how about the route to 150.1.YY.254 in R3's routing table?? R3's OSPF has 3 paths to 150.1.YY.0/24(R3--R2--R1 , R3--R5--R1 and R3--R5--SW1--SW2--R1), all of them are Inter Area Route, and the first cost is 64(R3 s0/1)+2(R2 s0/0)+1(R1 f0/1), the second cost is 64(R3 s0/0)+64(R5 s0/0)+1(R1 f0/1), the third ... you need to make sure R3 recursively lookup the nexthop address(150.1.YY.254) select R5 as the nexthop. Without modifiy the cost of R5's s0/0, R3 will forward the packet (destination in AS 254) to R2, and then R2 directly send it to AS 254.
  5. in VPNv4 task, when you active the MBGP neighbor under vpnv4 family, "send-community extended" will be added automatically in VRF lite task, no need to send any community(basic or extended) in BGP task(ipv4 route), depend on the question, if they ask you propagate community attribute, add it..
  6. Anyone can share IOS image "s72033-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-18.SXF17b.bin". Thanks in advance!
  7. you can not access R1 now , not user or privilege exec mode...
  8. 1) Make sure R2 advertise 10.x.x.x to R1 show ip bgp neighbor R1_IP_Address advertised 2) but R1 can still filter incoming BGP route from R2 I think cisco should give us some clues, like ORF(may R1 enabled ORF send and filter incoming route by prefix-list?) R2 should enable ORF received capability and find the prefix-list configured on R1? R2#show ip bgp neighbors R1_IP_Address received prefix-filter just my guess...
  9. DAI check is using DHCP snooping binding table, since R4 F0/0(connected to SW1's F0/4) configured static IP, does it exist any entry about this IP/MAC in SW1's DHCP snooping binding table?
  10. I think it should be forbidden.. I try in Web-IOU, just change SW1't int vlan 68's PIM DR priority higher than SW3, ping source vlan 68 seems work well.. one more thing, i set pim nbma-mode in R1' s0/0(without this config, R1 will be process switch the multicast packets)
  11. only focus the devices on your rack..
  12. PIM DR selection based on: a) interface dr-priority first, and then highest interface IP address LOL
  13. While SW1 send multicast traffic(source VLAN68, destination, the first hop Router for this segment will send register message to RP. if in VLAN68 SW3 is DR, SW3 will register this muticast group to RP, SW3 will send it to R2(because SW3 can learn from both OSPF and EIGRP, and it prefer EIGRP), and R2 will sends the source-active cache to R3(break the rule "Ensure that R3 is the actual RP in use in OSPF domain and that it sends the source-active cache to R2")
  14. try this solution: route-map PBR permit 10 match ip address 100 set interface Vlan18 Null0 set ip next-hop
  15. in ospf section requirement: Prefix from VLAN 500 doesn’t have to go in Area 1 so we doesn't need to configure area 1 nssa no-summary on SW1, how about 'area 1 nssa default-information-originate' and configure "area 1 filter-list prefix DENY_PFX_VLAN in" instead? SW1's loopback 0 and SW3's loopback0 advertised in OSPF area 0 is ok now.
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