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  1. Please, could someone shared this course again? Or, could someone share by Torrent?
  2. Could someone share this course with us on torrent?
  3. Could someone share Attify courses on torrent for us?
  4. Could someone share Attify courses on torrent for us?
  5. Please, could you re-upload this course?
  6. Someone could you share with us the KLCP certification question dump?
  7. Could someone share this SANS course with us? Could someone put on torrent?
  8. Please, Could anyone share again this course? All folder on mega link is empty
  9. Someone could you share again? Sektor7 - RED TEAM Operator Privilege Escalation in Windows! Sektor7 - RED TEAM Operator Windows Persistence! Because all link on Googledrive available here are broken/empty.
  10. Please, I am looking for some information, tips, dump, examples about the ECSA MASTER PRACTICAL EXAM. Could someone help me? MOVED TOPIC Topic is moved to Security Section of TRAINING OFFERS & REQUESTS sub-forum and REQ prefix added Kindly open topic in appropriate section with suitable prefix. Do not use RED color font in your posts, red color is meant for moderators only.
  11. I am look for it as well
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