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  1. hi all,, Anyone knows a test centers in hyderabad for cism? And if anyone took can you confirm if it has value ?? thnx :))
  2. helloo,, is this still vslid? thnx
  3. wow i wish i visit one day but im too far
  4. im sory i dont have it :((( can u Pls share ecptx? xxxxxxx Share Section Rules // Read before posting Do not post or ask for Email / Skype IDs in the share sections
  5. anyone got ecptx plz?
  6. wtf so even if I managed to pay for the course I wouldn't be able to download it or share it with anyone
  7. Hi folks. Anyone managed to find this yet?
  8. Hello everyone, if anyone has the Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA) training by EC-Council, it would be lovely! Thanks in advance & have a great day/evening.
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