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  1. thanks but thats still PDF what can i do without the videos and lab software! Thanks anyway
  2. I need positive/Useful replies not ..............................
  3. Hello I searched the damned internet for weeks for the latest Offensive security full courses [PWB,WIFU,CTP,AWE ,AWAE] with everything(video,lab software,Ebooks,etc...). the only two things i Found was Offensive security 101 from the backtrack 2 days also it has a rectangular blur area in the middle blocking me from seeing important things. and one other thing which is PWB V3 & V3.2 Ebooks in PDF........... If someone has the latest version of the courses mentioned at the start of this topic please share with me Also i want to mention that i dont want anyone posting links to other post i want working direct links and/or working torrents . Please dont post dead links If its your course and dont want it to be public with your name on it Then PM me. Thanks
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