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  1. Hi oscar1000, I've reached the maximum number of PM for today.. I will send you a PM with the skypegroup details as soon as am able to.
  2. Hi Guys, Do we have a group created for this. If not, I have created a skype group for anyone who's willing to pass this exam. Aiming to pass this exam by April 2019. So this group will be heavily active. PM me.
  3. All, Any of you know of any active study group for the above. If not, can we create one and pass this exam. I have 2 CCIE and not holding any Vmware certifications, but have been working on the platform for about 10 years now. So this group is ideal for CCIE's going straight towards VCIX6-NV but is also open for any one going towards that certifications. Kindly PM me. Thanks
  4. Hi Guys, Am looking for the below: Deploying QoS for Cisco IP and Next Generation Networks: The Definitive Guide Can someone please share. Thanks,
  5. Hi Guys, Am looking for any videos, documents related to cisco SCE implementation. I did follow the userguide on cisco, but i think am missing something. Thanks in advance.
  6. tpayet1985

    June 16

    Good luck mate.
  7. Hi Mate, Its normal to feel this way hours away from an exam. Its a little thing called "anxiety" just be cool and concentrate on the exam ahead. Good luck mate.
  8. tpayet1985


    Hi, See below link [Hidden Content]
  9. Guys, I really suggest going through those videos link provided by Caspersky. There's some very good tutorials pertaining the V5 exam.
  10. Guys, This is very interesting. For those preparing for the V5 exam. [Hidden Content]
  11. I've just started on my CCIE journey. Can't to wait to hear feedback's from future test takers
  12. I'll be moving to Abu Dhabi next month. I'll PM you then.
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