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  1. Check the security Migration tool for an official answer, but it looks like you only need SCOR (350-701) since you passed 300-209.
  2. Tested as well, website times out when attempting to download
  3. +1 to mavis. Even though content is available, I still plan to attend the course late next year as I work on this track.
  4. Let me know if this helps [hide] [Hidden Content]]
  5. Just passed with 94x. Spoto 136q +New Questions and Pages 240-258 from this forum. 8 D&D so make sure to know them all
  6. zippyshare link worked just fine for me.
  7. jollytime

    Failed Lab 3

    DingDing, we will have to agree to disagree on this one
  8. jollytime

    Failed Lab 3

    I have had this conversation with multiple lab proctors and the head of CCIE program at Cisco Live and yes, you do need 80% in each section to pass the lab. But lets evaluate your argument for a second. Lets say that Cisco awards the OP with 7%!!! on a re-read, which would present the following approximate score: NXOS =80 Storage =85 UCS =72 100v = 100 This would still present a FAILING score on the exam as the OP would still need at least another question or two to pass the overall exam. He is still free to request a re-read and roll the dice for a passing score, assuming they give him credit for using an alternate method to solve the ticket(s), but as he is at least 15% away from a passing score in that section this is just too many points to overcome on a re-read IMO. Had he been 5-8% away then I would support spending the $1k
  9. jollytime

    Failed Lab 3

    Just my 0.02 but I think the re-read would be a waste of money based on your score on UCS technologies. While 15% does not seem like a lot, that tells me you missed points on more than one ticket in that category. You would need about another 5 points (2-3 tickets), not 1-2 points, in order to receive a passing score on that section. Since UCS is 30% of the overall exam, a score of 65% tells me you received ~19.5/30 points. A passing score (80%) would be at least 24/30.
  10. Again, disable your adblocker and you should be able to download the file just fine.
  11. Try disabling your adblocker and it should work fine. I had to disable ABP for the proper download link to show.
  12. If you are going to force premium, at least go with a better upload provider.
  13. I get the same error as trevian: Invalid folder link. The folder you are trying to access does not exist.
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