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  1. @durjoydeb, thanks, it seems to be a conversion from another format to PDF using Calibre, not an original PDF
  2. @durjoydeb, the mega link doesn't work, could you please double check?
  3. ^ forget it, it doesn't work
  4. ^ 3.17 is Fuji. (sorry I confused the version, 16.7 is Fuji).
  5. ^ That torrent seems to be for the same vT320 that doesn't work.
  6. ^ I just checked the ova and confirm that the hashes are different. What gives?!?
  7. ^ TL;DR: virtual vs. serial console. See [Hidden Content]
  8. ^ Awesome! Here's the release notes for Fuji.
  9. ^ don't bother downloading, it doesn't work
  10. Could anyone post csr1000v-universalk9.16.05.01b.ova a.k.a. Everest, preferably on mediafire (long-lived links!)? The torrent posted previously has no seeds.
  11. @TuPadre, thanks for that book, unfortunately it's a conversion, but nevertheless seems very interesting and maybe even worth buying as paperback. @funguykk, since you already speak python, check the modules ciscoconfparse, netmiko, napalm, lots of material out there...learn ansible, git, etc
  12. @ciscoyoyo, if you downloaded it from Safari, it'll probably let you save the whole or parts of the book as pdf too.
  13. If you want to script, they are ok. The instructor rummaged much info from other sources and put together the courses. If you want to program do the MIT course. It'll be worth in the future. It doesn't offer a "networking perspective" of Python because it's not aimed at it, but it's far more interesting. Then check modules like ciscoconfparse, pexpect, exscript and such and you should be good to start.
  14. This is not INE's course. The guy in INE's course burps and swears like a good yeeeee-haw This one seems to only yeeeee-haw.
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