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  1. sorry sir , i was not aware , i thought if the uploaded will do it easily here
  2. sir @sallywally can you share [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] both are by bart Castle
  3. @Deathdodger thank you for replying . cbt nuggets one and if you have cbt nuggets AWS Certified Sysops . done buy bart castle [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] @rizwankhanpsy please help
  4. @mavis the GOAT please help
  5. Any one please AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate CBT nuggets by Bart Castle. 2020 would be thank ful
  6. ubuntu has password what is the login and pass for this
  7. Thank you sir , in this case SAML,RADIUS AND TACAS are right options for the question, am i correct
  8. Sir , first of all thank you for your reply. "" authenticate admins into the Palo Alto Networks NGFW without defining a corresponding admin account on the local firewall"" sir , what would local mean , i am confused because of External services Local and external Services External. External service Local The administrative accounts you define locally on the firewall serve as references to the accounts defined on an external Multi-Factor Authentication, SAML, Kerberos, TACACS+, RADIUS, or LDAP server. The external server performs authentication. You use the firewall to manage role assignments but access domains are not supported. For details, see Configure Local or External Authentication for Firewall Administrators. External service External service The administrative accounts are defined on an external SAML, TACACS+, or RADIUS server. The server performs both authentication and authorization. For authorization, you define Vendor-Specific Attributes (VSAs) on the TACACS+ or RADIUS server, or SAML attributes on the SAML server. PAN-OS maps the attributes to administrator roles, access domains, user groups, and virtual systems that you define on the firewall. For details, see: Configure SAML Authentication Configure TACACS+ Authentication Configure RADIUS Authentication
  9. Which three authentication services can administrator use to authenticate admins into the Palo Alto Networks NGFW without defining a corresponding admin account on the local firewall? (Choose three.) A. Kerberos B. PAP C. SAML D. TACACS+ E. RADIUS F. LDAP right ans please
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