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  1. No sorry I already done the exams for Microsoft if you have AWS pm me or send me an email canyar12(@)gmail(.)com
  2. I can not PM you so send my email to canyar12(@)gmail(.)com
  3. I can not PM you so send my email to canyar12(@)gmail(.)com
  4. Exam Voucher work in UK (100% discount) for the following: CCNP Concentration 300-xxx Cost US$250 Valid until August 2021. Payment via Paypal. Send me a PM if interested.
  5. cunt me in for both as well WLC 9800 and ISE [Hidden Content] GB- CertCollection Purchase.xlsx
  6. canyar


    Thanks for sharing please do you have the VM machine?
  7. Please could you PM me the details for VCP please.
  8. I also can not send DM I do not know why by the way this is my email {canyar12(@)gmail(.)com}
  9. thanks for feedback are you sure is valid? did you write the exam?
  10. Thanks for sharing but the link is down not working for me I do not know if work for other
  11. Thanks for report I was plan to schedule exam this Saturday so now should wait
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