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  1. Damn when this happened with VCE? .. VCE crap 50 $ per month, for opening VCE file .... in other words I'm paying for using illegal learning materials.... that is double cheating ... ... is there any other alternative for VCE files?
  2. Regarding Base12a-ws12 VHD which one of those you need? Base12A-WS2012-RC or Base12A-WS12-TMP? Which one of those Base VHDs MT13 exactly you need?
  3. Search here ... Torrent is enormous but you can download only that one TrainSignal tutorial from that torrent : Torrent link: [Hidden Content]
  5. OK then ... Probably ... If you for example do not install them ... just unpack them ... or use different OS ... and so on list is very very long ... Then problem starts ... I suppose that they probably used some setting from earlier base VHD you use or something similar ... But if everything now WORKS fine ... Use it and learn ...
  6. OK I will upload tomorrow only CL1 & CL2 parts which obviously bothers you ... If everything else working fine ...
  7. From which source did you download?
  8. It will probably not work if you change default path ... As they tooth me if you work with Microsoft please leave it by default .... I think that you also shoud change this two entries ... <source type="string">E:\Program Files\Microsoft Learning\Base\Base12B-W8-RP.vhd</source> <target type="string"></target> </vhd> <vhd> <source type="string">E:\Program Files\Microsoft Learning\Base\Drives\MT12-W8-CL1-Office2010SP1-RP.vhd</source> <target type="string"></target> </vhd> <VmStateCopied type="bool">true</VmStateCopied> </configuration>
  9. You should make a change ... Look here : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16" standalone="yes"?> <configuration> <SnapShotDataRoot type="string"></SnapShotDataRoot> <ExternalDataRoot type="string"></ExternalDataRoot> <vhd> <source type="string">C:\Program Files\Microsoft Learning\20410\Drives\20410A-LON-CL1\Virtual Hard Disks\20410A-LON-CL1.vhd</source> <target type="string"></target> </vhd> <vhd> <source type="string">C:\Program Files\Microsoft Learning\Base\Base12B-W8-RP.vhd</source> <target type="string"></target> </vhd> <vhd> <source type="string">C:\Program Files\Microsoft Learning\Base\Drives\MT12-W8-CL1-Office2010SP1-RP.vhd</source> <target type="string"></target> </vhd> <VmStateCopied type="bool">true</VmStateCopied> </configuration>
  10. ok it seems that setup part then is in order ... HM I see that you use drive E: did you change settings in bat and xml file to incorporate that location E:\ or you leave it by default?
  11. After unpacking looks like this: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. You shoud have these Base VHDs as I remember: Base12B-W8-RP Base12A-WS2012-RC MT12-WS2012-LON-DC1-RC MT12-W8-CL1-Office2010SP1-RP Do you have them all? After unpacking did you run VM-Pre-Import? When error occurred? After starting VM in hypervisor? Did VM boot or it just does not want to start with this error?
  13. It seems that you have a corrupted VHD LON-CL1 ... As I see it maybe the problem is the hypervisor .. you use the Windows server 2012 or Windows 8 it might be the problem ... The course is intended to be used as it said in manual W2K8R2 SP1 qoute: "This setup requires Windows ServerĀ® 2008 R2 SP1 Hyper-VĀ®" Also which other base VHDs did you use for set up ... And I also need to know which course 20410 A or B you have?
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