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  1. what do you guys use to study for ISE....... what LAB senario, GNS3 / UNETLAB?
  2. those that already downloaded the training materials.....please re-up for us,
  3. Thank you Tronny for the massive share!!!! I get "This file reached max downloads limit" is there perhaps another way to share, mega or gdrive
  4. Thank you for the upload, WE ALL thank you
  5. I passed as well yesterday, but still there is wrong answers to this materials, as I got 8xx just to show you, cisco knows what they want as the answers and no new questions
  6. there is peers but currently i am uploading more than downloading, please guys keep seeding for everyone!!!
  7. Did Anyone took the exam recently and is their any updates on the exam?
  8. would be great if someone could share this!!!
  9. I am looking for Cisco 200-401 IMINS Training materials, not exams or dumps but training materials if anyone could help I would appreciate it Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies
  10. Great share I can confirm that I have seen some of these "most" in my exam
  11. We always need free stuffies.........
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