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  1. Thank you very much, do you perhaps got an index of what is being downloaded? just hope people will stay on long enough to download
  2. Thank you for the great share, I am struggling to download as my internet speed is not the best, would it be possible that someone could share the SANS MGT Series for me on another platform, g-drive / mega or something, please please I need this
  3. i can get ccna cyberops for $195, can you give me pricing pls
  4. these questions from isaca is to make you think like they want you to, as a manager not an it technician, same like isc they do the same so it all are very usefull
  5. might be old but still valid and useful
  6. awesome share, thank you cant wait for the more recent one
  7. Samsed

    NSE 5 FAZ 6.2

    Did you managed to write your exam? Did you pass
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