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  1. Would be good if they offer free certification. Missed it last time.
  2. i could see latest file here - [hide][Hidden Content]] Anyone managed to view?
  3. community

    AZ-500 Dump

    Link works fine. Thanks, will check.
  4. there are no videos, people want VM without realizing it is useless.
  5. Yes, you cannot use it any more. I guess the method of allowing candidates to apply 2 codes same time was unintentional and later they corrected it.
  6. I see Shon Harris on the thumbnail, old ones, not worth watching. Anyone got Cybrary videos by Kelly?
  7. I don't think anyone have it here. Just in case if someone manages to find premium links, i'd find a way to download and share them.
  8. Looking for this content. Has anyone managed to download before. Please share. hxxps://torrentz.unblockit.pro/1da25d328bf4494531602c14ec3a82ce6a92b326
  9. 1st link worked, use a download manager.
  10. Why do you want to download, you can watch online itself right.
  11. But in the first post, it was mentioned PDFs as well. Guess it was by mistake.
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