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  1. Hello everybody, Please add me.
  2. sever

    New variant in TS2

    Sorry to hear it. What about H2+ CFG? Has it new tasks or requirements? Why did you failed it ?
  3. Hi bro, link is dead, please, reupload again. Thank you.
  4. Need help. Where can I find H1 and H2 config files, tasks, and diag ?
  5. Hi guys! I can't find Advanced Foundations Labs 2 and 3 workbook, could you share it ?
  6. @layer1layer1, could you please share 15.2 L2 Image again ? link is not working. I've started to do INEv5 workbook, using L2 IOU image Version 15.1, switchport mode dynamic auto/desirable not working.
  7. Hi guys! I need IOU L2 and L3 images for INEv5 phisical topology with 4 switches. Can you share it? I have old L2/L3 images, and it's not comfortable with interface names like Ethernet 0/1, I found here link to image with interface names like INE, but the link is dead. Can you share again ?
  8. Hi guys ! Where can I find L2 and L3 IOU images for INE workbook? Now I have old L2/L3 where interfaces name like Ethernet 0/0 it's not comfortable. Need image with interface name like INE, Fa0/19 etc. Please share.
  9. somy, thank you for comment. We'll be wait your notepad feedback.
  10. Folks, help to find right answer: [Hidden Content] Which network script automation option or tool is used ? A.EEM B. Pyton C. Bash script D. NETCONF E.REST I think B or E, can't find answer in Google
  11. Which two statements about DMVPN are true? (Choose two.) A. It flows both the hub and the spokes to use dynamic IP addresses. B. It supports mufticast and QoS within tunnels. C. It provides a routable interface for terminating IPSec tunnels. D. It is a tunnel-less VPN technology. E. It is an open standard. F. It uses automatic IPSec triggering to build IPSec tunnels. B is correct defenitly. C and F are correct too. What do you think ?
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