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  1. @ashishjkumar, I just passed the exam info in the original post
  2. Hey Guy, I have updated the practice test file as I notice that I have missed few questions, also updated the answers for questions 50 and 57 (which are duplicated). The updated file is in the same link @kwekugh, my exam is in few hours
  3. Hi guys, I am currently studying for PCNSE, actually my exam is tomorrow (wish me luck, I will need some) and went through the PassLeader dumps (256 questions) and I noticed a lots of wrong answers. So I made a very ugly table with corrected answers. My first intention was to add explanations as well, but...to tired...to lazy... I have also went through the PCNSE Practice Test provide by Palo Alto. And I manage to copy the questions and put answers with some explanations. Note: For most of the answers I am 100% sure that they are correct one, but there are few that I still have some doubts. So don't fully rely on the answers here! Always question the answer and double check with official documentation or other study matterial On the link below you will find: - PCNSE dump (256q) - already shared in the forum, so full credits to the OP - Corrected answers for PCNSE PassLeader dump - PCNSE Practice Test sample questions (60q) with answers and explanations [hide][Hidden Content]] Hope you find it useful Edit: I have just passed the exam. The majority of the questions were completely the same as from the dump. There were few new questions, some of them were similar, but few were completely new. I didn't saw question similar to the practice test, but I still strongly recommend to check it out as I think the question there are nastier
  4. I am pretty sure that B is the correct answer here...If you have PBF, what you will accomplish by modifying the virtual router? The whole idea of the PBF is to have something with higher priority than the VR routing.
  5. Hi All, This is the official Checkpoint documentation package for R80.10 [Hidden Content] Happy reading!
  6. Hi mavis, Thank you for the dump and appreciate you have upload it with .apk file as well, but when I try to add the .vce file to this apk it says the app is outdated. Do you have working apk with same version as the vce file? Thank you!
  7. I have found this: [hide] [Hidden Content]] Not sure if it is the full content.
  8. Re-uploaded. New link: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. Hi All, The link was expired. I have re-upload the archive again and edit the link in first post. Please send me a PM if you still have problem with the link. Have a nice day, Alexander
  10. Hi All, My apology the link was expired. I have edit the first post with new link. Please send me a PM if the link is not working again. Have a nice day, Alexander
  11. Hi All, At the link below you can find Checkoint R76 GAiA Admin Guides. All files are in pdf format. I hope it will be useful to you. Guides are including: - CP_E75.20_NGX_R65_UpgradeGuide - CP_E75.20_R70_UpgradeGuide - CP_E75.20_R71_andR75_UpgradeGuide - CP_E80.41_Remote_Access_Clients_Admin_Guide - CP_ES_E80.40_AdminGuide - CP_ES_E80.40_Client_UserGuide_EN - CP_IPSO_6.2_MR4_ReleaseNotes - CP_R75.40VS_UTM-1Edge_AdminGuide - CP_R76_AntiBotAntiVirus_AdminGuide - CP_R76_ApplicationControlURLFiltering_AdminGuide - CP_R76_CLI_ReferenceGuide - CP_R76_ClusterXL_AdminGuide - CP_R76_CPcode_DLP_ReferenceGuide - CP_R76_DataLossPrevention_AdminGuide - CP_R76_Firewall_AdminGuide - CP_R76_Gaia_AdminGuide - CP_R76_Gaia_Advanced_Routing_AdminGuide - CP_R76_IdentityAwareness_AdminGuide - CP_R76_Installation_and_Upgrade_Guide - CP_R76_IPS_AdminGuide - CP_R76_MobileAccess_AdminGuide - CP_R76_Multi-DomainSecurityManagement_AdminGuide - CP_R76_Performance_Tuning_AdminGuide - CP_R76_QoS_AdminGuide - CP_R76_SecurePlatform_AdminGuide - CP_R76_SecurePlatform_AdvancedRoutingSuite_CLI - CP_R76_Security_Management_AdminGuide - CP_R76_SecurityGateway_TechAdminGuide - CP_R76_SmartEvent_AdminGuide - CP_R76_SmartEventIntro_AdminGuide - CP_R76_SmartLog_AdminGuide - CP_R76_SmartProvisioning_AdminGuide - CP_R76_SmartReporter_AdminGuide - CP_R76_SmartViewMonitor_AdminGuide - CP_R76_SmartViewTracker_AdminGuide - CP_R76_SmartWorkflow_AdminGuide - CP_R76_VoIP_AdminGuide - CP_R76_VPN_AdminGuide - CP_R76_VSX_AdminGuide - CP_Remote_Access_Clients_UpgradeGuide_on_NGX_R65 - CP_Remote_Access_Clients_UpgradeGuide_on_R70 - CP_Remote_Access_Clients_UpgradeGuide_on_R71andR75 - CP_RemoteAccess_Clients_SCV_SDK Let me know if you have any problems with the link. [hide][Hidden Content]] Have a great day! Alex
  12. Hi All, At the link below you can find Admin Guides for Checkpoint R75. All files are in pdf format. I hope they will be useful for you. Guides are including: - CP_NGXR67_VSX_for_R75_AdminGuide - CP_R71_IPS-1Sensor_AdminGuide - CP_R75_AdvancedRoutingSuite_CLI_ReferenceGuide - CP_R75_ApplicationControl_AdminGuide - CP_R75_CLI_ReferenceGuide - CP_R75_ClusterXL_AdminGuide - CP_R75_DataLossPrevention_AdminGuide - CP_R75_EPS_VPN_Admin_Guide - CP_R75_EPS_VPN_User_Guide - CP_R75_EPSVPN_SC_NGX_R65_UpgradeGuide - CP_R75_EPSVPN_SC_R70_UpgradeGuide - CP_R75_EPSVPN_SC_R71_UpgradeGuide - CP_R75_Firewall_AdminGuide - CP_R75_IdentityAwareness_AdminGuide - CP_R75_Installation_and_Upgrade_Guide - CP_R75_IPS_AdminGuide - CP_R75_MobileAccess_AdminGuide - CP_R75_Multi-DomainSecurityManagement_AdminGuide - CP_R75_PerformancePack_AdminGuide - CP_R75_QOS_AdminGuide - CP_R75_SecurePlatform_AdminGuide - CP_R75_SecurityManagement_AdminGuide - CP_R75_SmartEvent_AdminGuide - CP_R75_SmartEventIntro_AdminGuide - CP_R75_SmartProvisioning_AdminGuide - CP_R75_SmartReporter_AdminGuide - CP_R75_SmartViewMonitor_AdminGuide - CP_R75_SmartWorkflow_AdminGuide - CP_R75_UTM-1Edge_AdminGuide - CP_R75_VPN_AdminGuide Let me know if you have any problems with the link. [hide][Hidden Content]] Have a great day! Alexander
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