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  1. You can download it here: [hide][Hidden Content]] Download version 8.5.3, because there is no need to crack it.
  2. No, I didn't. What I idid It was: - Added NE40 image to ENSP - Started one NE40 on ENSP, then stopped it - Converted NE40 image to qcow2 - Hacked Linux image and files to allow NE40 to start
  3. That trial license doesn't work anymore for 19.x or newer. Take a look at first page of the release notes: [Hidden Content]
  4. Could a caring soul share some new vMX trial license for 19.x or newer?
  5. I use EVE, but I have installed PNET to take a look. However I'm not figuring out how to publish a lab using an offline account. Please, share it if you know how to do it.
  6. Kechik, The following I got after VM finishes to boot, then load NE daemons: It looks like your VM is not boot from the qcow2 image or the image you have downloaded is broken. Realize that NE image I have shared is an ordinary Debian SO that loads some daemons, so make Debian boots to start solving the problem you are facing.
  7. Hi, It has been shared in the first post. Look for the attachment file ne.yml
  8. There is no user or password. You will be connected directly to console and you can rise to system-view without any harm.
  9. Folks, Based on the image shared on the link bellow I have managed to work with EVE: [Hidden Content] Add it to EVE and create a template with the following settings: - CPU: 2 - RAM: 2048 - NIC: 12 e1000 - Console: telnet I have attached my template to this post. You may download the qcow image on this link. Features are not working: - MTU over 1500 - Subinterface - L2VPN data plane ne.yml
  10. Someone is aware how BNG feature can be activated on this VM?
  11. Guys, The following qcow2 image for EVE or GN3 has telnet enabled as in [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]] Username and password are super
  12. Sure. Take a look at: [Hidden Content]
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