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  1. Can't download it is asking me to login and that 下载 downloads software exe file not iso file.
  2. Thanks Mate for quick replay. R77.30 is on the forum but I want to test something that is why I am after this image.
  3. Hi Guys , Please can someone post a link for R75.46 open server iso .Thanks I found online , it looks like Chinese site , don't know how to download . Can anyone help! [Hidden Content]
  4. ccie003


    Sorry to hear this mate , I wish you will pass next time. The solution looks correct to me . And I am sure that you would have used same vsan names which were provided in the table . can you share 2.5-6 as well .
  5. Agree real life is different from lab ...
  6. 1) If you copy and paste from the ci*** doc and change the VLANs with HSRPv1 and v2 list you will still get marks. 2) if you only use for Hsrp v2 still you will get marks ,since v2 is used in the lab.
  7. congratulation , nice feedback native vlan tag is only required for DC1 and I wouldn't put on Dc2 unless it is stated in the question.
  8. Your answer is title of this topic , good luck to all of us.
  9. well take it or leave it , it is for real !!!
  10. SJ and RTP and others have only one rack again they might disappear .
  11. Have you done your written . 1) if yes then book it 2) if not then do written and check it (I think there is no point someone checking for you by the time you pass your written the seats might disappear )
  12. Hi Guys , Anyone got Lab4 .Let us discuss and crack this beast .
  13. ccie003

    New Lab

    Guys there is new lab anyone got Lab4 pm me . Let us crack it .
  14. Guys please correct me if I am wrong I did installation of the N1k other day .
  15. Your one is better than anyone .
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