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  1. The pdfs are in first post you can download them and go thru them I suspect its mostly the drag and drop questions that are wrong since a lot of them are being dragged straight to the right.
  2. I do not I prepared from these pdfs that are posted in post no.1
  3. Can anyone confirm if the vce is still valid. Thanks
  4. OMG! That was a close one just barely passed today passing score was 825 and I got 830. Even though every single question was included in these pdfs but I still got only 830 so yes I can confirm that a lot of the answers in these pdfs are wrong barely enough to pass.
  5. So is this still valid and all questions in the exam are covered in this dump?
  6. If anybody has latest dumpsengine AZ-100 and AZ-200 Please share. Thanks
  7. Ahmed111 can you please share the dump. Thanks
  8. I took the exam today and failed. Dump questions don't look anything like the exam. is there any new valid dump out there? Thanks
  9. Preemlinks doesn't support lumafile links atleast not for me.
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