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  1. are you kidding, right?
  2. `I tried the exam 30 days before and question below come up to me... "A DNS client that sends DNS massage to obtain information about the requested domain name space isknown as which of these?" 1) Branch 2) Recursive Client 3) Resolver 4) Authoritative Client 5) Resource Record All PDF are saying that correct answer would be "5", but I think (by google search and some docs I have read) that correct answer would be "3". What do you guys think about it?
  3. Hey man, Thank you for sharing this good material. Have you already tried the test?
  4. Guys Torrent feed is down the links are broken. Could someone upload and share again?
  5. Could someone reupload or share new contect about IELTS test?
  6. I have no idea whether it is old version or not, but even if it was the old one the concept is always the same and CCNA usually talk about the tecnology concepts and not about products. So study it and be happy.
  7. Thank you guys. It really worked for me. Now let build a lab topology to study hard to the next level! Good luck for all of you.
  8. Do you guys could open VCE file using the shared software? I got an error. Aman, I think you have used another TK, because using this one I think you wouldnt be able to got 937.
  9. Hi Security Guys! I would like to know if someone here has any material (book, video, vmware, etc) about Cisco FirePOWER or FireAMP. I wanna learn more about sourcefire products. Tks!
  10. Please use Torrent or re-upload in a better (and fast) place.
  11. Everytime I connect to Torrent Application I can't see it download anything. Do you mind upload to "Mega.co.nz" again? It was very good before link broken... Tks!
  12. All links and torrents are down, please could someone that have already downloaded them reup again?
  13. there is no feeds online on the torrent? :-(
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