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    passed lab with configuration.
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    Storage- VFC

    I get following error when I configure following commad on ieracks? any idea if that would be problem in the lab DC2-N5K1(config)# npv traffic-map server-interface vfc 20 external-interface fc1/32 vfc20: External interface list should contain the one in use How to reslove this?
  3. Why we dont need to change cost? without changing cost, how FCIP 10 will become primary?
  4. Can I copy and paste from cisco documentation?
  5. I heard it is blocked and that’s why I am trying to find out from folks who appeared in test before
  6. Can we copy and paste in the exam? for example, if I want to copy something from OTV white paper and paste in to notepad, is that possible or they block copy and paste option?
  7. Problem is I am not getting even boot screen on UCS which ususally says that canno boot or something like that..
  8. I will check KVM console when I have lab next time. VFC port was up and bound to inerface. Layer3/L2 was up . I will try everything when I have lab next time.
  9. I dont rememer what was on KVM? what I should be able to see ? All vlans were selected and VPC between FIs and 5k were up? what test I can run next time when I have lab?
  10. I am using ieracks.com and not able to boot from SAN. Also I do not see VEM module on VSM. do we need to do any configuration on VSM before we see VEM? There is no L3 issue because VPC, FP and FIAs are showing all up. is there anything special we need to do there? I am doing everything correct including zoning. I am not sure what I am missing.
  11. How about UCS? What is pre-configured?
  12. I am getting same results with both match vlan and match inerface vlan.. I think I will go with match interface vlan.
  13. My understanding is that in the LAB 5KA- NPV and NPIV will be enable 5KB- Only NPIV will be enable. Am I thinking wrong?
  14. route-map Adv-EIGRP permit 10 match vlan 40, 3001, 3002 router eigrp 1 bfd router-id redistribute direct route-map Adv-EIGRP interface EthernetX/XX ( WAN Interface ) ip router eigrp 1 ip summary-address eigrp 1
  15. I beleive in the exam, you will be able to create vlan 4001 and 4002 without reserving vlans.
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