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  1. Would love to have a study partner, i have a home rack with all the equipment and its currently cabled for INE workbooks, drop me a mail here with your contact information so we get this figured out.
  2. So few people actually taking the security test right now, if you go to Cisco's website and look at lab seats and dates you can pretty much sit any date you want. Very difficult test and very few people interested in taking it right now, especially with the OEQ's still part of the test. To be honest i would rather have a troubleshooting section than OeQ's, but i had no problem getting past the OEQ section when i sat the lab in August. Do yourself a favor and get Yusuf's latest lab book and look at his two labs and i promise you wont be shocked at anything on the actual lab itself.
  3. Which port on the ASA is he plugging into? Are you trying to ping his PC at that point?
  4. Anyone have lab 3? CLOSED AS OUTDATED Thanks and regards Reason for edit: Request was older than 8 weeks
  5. No premium account on hotfile, any chance of getting another link without the wait timers? Thank you for the share!!!!
  6. Anyone have this by chance? Or the New 3rd lab introduced?
  7. I would start with Yusuf's book then move onto i believe they are the V5 labs for INE, i will come up with links to some of the resources i used on cisco's site during the lab and post them here when i have a little more time. I would say start by really focusing on Yusuf's two labs then move onto the INE stuff, its what i am doing currently as i plan on sitting the lab again in mid march.
  8. No VRF stuff on the lab at this time, but it is something they could possibly add in the future as i believe its on the list on the cisco website. I cannot stress enough that the new book published by Yusuf for the security lab is a GREAT GREAT resource for studying for the lab, he published this book for a reason, and i highly suggest that if you are taking the lab soon that this is something you NEED! As far as VPN's go, know them inside and out also on routers, EZVPN is definetly something you should know how to configure. [Hidden Content] this is the site you will have access to during the lab and the search function is NOT disabled, but i found that knowing where key elements are during the exam makes a huge difference on time management. I will write up a post in this thread dealing with Time management and what to avoid when i get a chance to compose my thoughts, as i cannot stress enough how much time management plays a part in whether you pass or not. As far as books go for the Open Ended Questions, i really am not sure there is a single best reference for these, i will say that fear of the open ended questions is not necessary, these questions truly are "CORE" knowledge questions that a person taking the lab should really just know, they are not your typical "Tricky" cisco questions, but very straight forward core knowledge questions about security, i believe that if you want to study for core knowledge questions, just go through the site i listed on ASA and router security IOS versions and you will be very prepared for these questions. Keep the questions coming and i will do my best to answer them without breaking the NDA for the cisco lab. If you are looking for a good resource on GETVPN and DMVPN like i stated before, Yusuf's book covers them in his labs and the actual lab itself will be no harder than what you see in that book. Truly a gem of a book to have, it has prepared me for my next attempt as i have been working those labs almost exclusively along with internetwork experts material, and i truly believe that some of the labs in internetwork experts books are harder than the actual lab itself, great resource to have.
  9. i have a lab at work that i use so i dont use dynamaps, sorry. My other piece of advice is dont rely on passearly or cciecert to be correct, passearly answers were about 40% accurate, i labed up their scenarios in my lab and finished their second lab with my own answers as i found their answers were simply horrible. Open ended questions are not as bad as people make them out to be, i was studying off the wall things like the individual phases in VPN's and mapping out exactly what packet started the DH exchange and things like that and that is going overboard as the questions were very general core knowledge things. More to come as i have time!
  10. I am pressed for time right now and will post when i have more time, but another tip i will give you is that i was told by many trainers and IE's that i would face anywhere from 3-5 different VPN technologies, and they were dead on. SUPER IMPORTANT: GETVPN, DMVPN, know those two in your sleep, frontwards, backwards, sideways, upside down!! Know how to troubleshoot them if you cant get them working, know how to read logs and debug messages CANT STRESS ENOUGH THIS FACT: IF YOU DONT KNOW firewalls in routed mode, multiple context mode and transparent mode, DONT take the lab cause if your ASA's dont work you have already failed!! I scored 100% on firewalls
  11. Sat my exam on november 10th, oh so close.... I am going back in mid march to retake the exam, i will pass this time around as i know exactly where i went wrong and came back home and labbed it up. My suggestion to anyone going to sit their security lab would be to get their hands on Yusuf's new book, there truly is no better resource as this book is the "Best" lab prep book printed, after all, he is the program manager for the security lab. Open ended questions were very basic "CORE" knowledge questions, i have been in the industry for over 10 years now and have been working in a large datacenter that is 100% cisco gear and can tell you that if you know the technology inside and out the open ended questions will be a breeze, no yes, its true, you will NOT pass the lab if you fail this part. If you cannot configure FW's in multiple context mode and transparent mode in your sleep you will have problems with the lab. Questions?
  12. Can anyone PM me with the latest R&S cciecert labs and oeq's or link here to them? Zander, do you have access to these by chance?
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