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  1. Passed the exam today, %70 of the questions were out of this dump. Try to get hands-on with 1000v and ACI if possible. Focus on 1000v VXLAN implementation. Lots of questions on ACI service graphs, scripting, L3out L2out concepts. Good luck!
  2. thanks Mallet, your comment is much appreciated!
  3. Anyone can confirm that this is the valid dump? I’ll take the exam next week. Thanks in advance!
  4. Is it possible to get seeding for "VMware-VCSA-all-6.5.0-7515524.iso" i'm building a n1k lab and the last vCenter supports n1kv as a third party dvs is vcenter 6.5 update 1. thanks in advance
  5. Cleared 200-155 exam today. None of the dumps I found here is valid. Maybe 5-7 questions from dumps and the rest are new questions. Here is my feedback: First of all, find and study the DCICT Official Cert Guide which I found here on forums. That piece of document is almost all you need. But you have to spend time and read it and understand it to clear this exam without any dump. (It took 3 weeks to read it and take notes for me) - Bunch of 1000V questions (how VSM communicates with vCenter, what happens when VSM goes down, how VEMs behave in the absence of VSM and that kinda things) - 4-6 questions from UCS Director workflows. 2 was about tshooting a workflow that tries to creates a service profile but fails to associate with a blade server). Spend some time on the self-service portal and UCS Director Catalogs. Also, make sure you understand the UCS Director and VMM connection/configuration. - 10-12 questions from ACI. (half from APIC half from general ACI) - 6 Drag and Drops (one with vPC components, one with ACI terms, one with UCSD, one with UCS terms, cannot remember the rest) - Spend some time reading different cloud deployment models. - No labs - 2-3 questions on FabricPath - 1 question on VN-Tag These are the things I remember. Hopefully, someone can use it.
  6. Hi root, I know your share is about N3Ks and N9Ks but is it possible we get 1000v installation files by any chance? Edit: Found it here [Hidden Content]
  7. Brand

    300-175 DCUCI

    how many questions were different?
  8. Guys, i just passed the exam today. I didn't use any dumps, i mean i studied the official certification guide (which i found it here in the forums) and then i looked at some old dumps to understand how they asking questions. Here is my notes from the exam: - There was no subnetting or analyzing subnets questions (i was thinking at least 3 questions i'd see but there was none of them) - A few UCS questions like hardware parts of a C-Series server and a question about Fabric Interconnect port types (UCS is not shown in the exam blueprint) - A simulation question asking STP and VTP - Lots of FC / FCoE questions (FCID, FLOGI, FCNS, Zones, Zonesets, NPV, NPIV etc.) If you cleared CCNA RS before you should not be worried about network questions, but you should spend some time on FC for sure.
  9. what about the port between DC2-N5K-1 and FI-A ? Because both devices are running NPV mode and the FCoE link (eth 1/5) won't be used for that reason. Should we unconfigure it as well?
  10. Brand

    UCS Task 3.1

    VLAN 70-71 modes are Classical Ethernet while N5Ks running FabricPath. Those vlans never become up unless you change the modes from CE to FP on N5Ks.
  11. and how does site-vlan becomes up on DC2? are you sure VLAN 90 is only being created on DC2-N7K-1 and not N7K-3 and N7K4? because this is not what i recall.
  12. in my first attempt it wasn't up and i assume that BFD is not configured on the BB but still if question requires BFD configuration and if BFD configuration requires "no ip redirects" then maybe we should configure it properly on out side. I'll configure it next Thursday and share the score i'll get One more thing.. In the vPC+ question it asks to allow vlan 30,40,70 and 71 on the UCS vPCs but 70 and 71 is not FabricPath vlans and seems tricky to me. because after the configuration only 30 and 40 became up but not 70 and 71 on the UCS vPCs. I wonder if this is another trap? I mean do we need to change the mods from CE to FP for vlans 70-71 to make them up on vPC+ domain? What was your configuration and points you get from Section 1? I'm just trying to make sure i'm not missing anything this time, that's all. Thanks for the advises. They helps a lot to me.
  13. Hi again, I configured the bfd under "router eigrp 1" as required but when i monitor the terminals of N7Ks i saw that BFD is flapping continuously. See the event messages below: DC2-N7K-4 %BFD-5-SESSION_STATE_DOWN: BFD session 1124073524 to neighbor on interface Eth1/10 has gone down. Reason: Echo Function Failed. 2015 May 22 12:06:09 DC2-N7K-4 %EIGRP-5-NBRCHANGE_DUAL: eigrp-1 [31864] (default-base) IP-EIGRP(0) 1: Neighbor (Ethernet1/10) is down: BFD tear down 2015 May 22 12:06:09 DC2-N7K-4 %EIGRP-5-NBRCHANGE_DUAL: eigrp-1 [31864] (default-base) IP-EIGRP(0) 1: Neighbor (Ethernet1/10) is down: Interface Goodbye received 2015 May 22 12:06:14 DC2-N7K-4 %EIGRP-5-NBRCHANGE_DUAL: eigrp-1 [31864] (default-base) IP-EIGRP(0) 1: Neighbor (Ethernet1/10) is up: new adjacency 2015 May 22 12:06:16 DC2-N7K-4 %BFD-5-SESSION_STATE_UP: BFD session 1124073524 to neighbor on interface Eth1/10 is up. So i tried to put "no ip redirects" command under all L3 interfaces which runs EIGRP process and then the flapping stopped. I think in the real lab we also require to configure "no ip redirects" under those L3 EIGRP interfaces as well? What was your configuration in the exam? Many thanks for the answer you gave even if i failed to explain myself clearly in the first question and many thanks in advance for the answer you'll give
  14. Brand

    OTV HSRP Isolation

    One more thing, I'm practicing in our lab environment and when i use the FHRP Filter configuration from Cisco document ( [Hidden Content] ) it blocks the HSRP packets and it's fine. But when i monitor the terminal on DC1-N7K-3/4 and DC2-N7K-3/4 i was getting: %ARP-3-DUP_VADDR_SRC_IP: arp [28432] Source address of packet received from 0000.0c9f.f002 on Vlan42(Ethernet1/17) is duplicate of local virtual ip, Then i found this document: [Hidden Content] and in the end of it there is an Arp Inspection command: feature dhcp ip arp inspection filter HSRP_VMAC_ARP <OTV_Extended_VLANs> When applied it "duplicated VIP" error gone. I assume this command also required in the exam as well. What do you think? Am i missing something or it's a must that enabling DHCP and issuing ip arp inspection command? Thanks in advance.
  15. Brand

    Passed DC LAB

    Veerupra, about the OTV FHRP filter; did you filter only HSRPv2 MAC and Multicast IP or HSRPv1 and 2 both? We are using HSRPv2 in the lab but i'm asking just for clarification. Many thanks.
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