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  1. Hi MsSunshine, Please be kind to share the dump. Thank you.
  2. Hi guys, Please share CUC_9.1_vmv8_v1.5.ova and Cisco Unity Connection 9.1 version.
  3. gundja, thanks a lot for links. could you please also upload SWITCH and TSHOOT.
  4. ciscodata could you upload on mega, mail or torrent.
  5. Hi guys, I configured cluster and added 3 ESXI 5.5 hosts. All hosts are configured with the shared iSCSI storage. CPU and RAM are identical. Networking is on the screenshot and is identical on all 3 ESXI hosts. The issue is that from cluster Summary tab I can see that vSphere HA is On, however, vSphere HA State of all 3 hosts is N/A. Could you please help to find out the reason of this issue. Thank you.
  6. Guys, Could someone please share this course. Thanks in advance.
  7. But why it should be done manually if I configured ESXi host to synchronize it's time with proxy server?
  8. Hi guys, I am a bit confused about the time on my ESXi servers that are running inside VMware Workstation. Currently ESXi host is configured to synchronize time with proxy server that in it's turn sycnhronizes time with external sources from pool.ntp.org. The thing is that the time of the same ESXi host in vSphere Client and in ssh client is different (pls see screenshots). The correct time should be 06:42. Could somebody explain why time in vSphere client and ssh client is different. Thank you.
  9. Hi guys, Could somebody upload VMware NSX for vSphere 6.2.4 ova file. Thanks.
  10. Hi mahmoodmoosa, Any chance you could upload updated course? Thanks.
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