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  1. Hi. I have Basic but need advanced. Can anybody help please?
  2. If somebody has access please let me know! Thanks
  3. Yeah Cisco threw a grenade today and I missed out by a couple of points. $400 down the toilet. I didn't find it necessary to know the wireless standard for vehicular environments in my day to day job designing networks. I now know that is it 802.11p but it wont make me any better at my job. Thanks Cisco! Lots of questions around IPv6 Tunnelling. PPP CHAP and PAP MPLS VPNs Some stupid questions that have nothing to do with technology that you can only get correct if you have seen a dump!
  4. Only Gold Partners care about CCIE status. Any other employer does not give two shits if you can prove expertise in other ways. Is it still worth it? Yes if Gold Partners need your cert.
  5. thepowerp

    DCIT- 300-180

    Can you share the vce for these exams please?
  6. Maybe it is because everybody is sat here waiting for feedback. If you go and give the lab a go then you can provide feedback for others,
  7. What do you mean Protocol address? This is an ESG not a DLR control VM.
  8. Please add me to the group.
  9. Can confirm this is enough to pass....
  10. How many experts in their chosen field do you know that are looking for an intern-ship? You cant have en expert who is on an intern-ship, they are mutually exclusive. What do you think the senior guys training him up will think? By all means go for the intern-ship but don't claim to be an expert until you at least have some experience. Passing the cert one step, earning the respect of managers and colleagues is the biggest step and you can't get there in one step.
  11. Lets be totally honest here. As a member of the site, I assume you passed using dumps. You are not the first one to do this, and wont be the last. You need to understand that when people see CCIE the expect you to be an expert. This means years of hard toil, doing first line, second line, third line, support, being on call call every weekend and working your way up. If I was you I would stop calling yourself an expert until you have earned the right to on job applications. This is not having a go, its advise based on experience and the fact that when we get CVs from people claiming to be an expert and not backing it up with experience, they go straight in the bin.
  12. Dude, if you don't know what the difference between Layer1 and Layer2 is you should not be doing CCIE yet. Try CCNA??
  13. thepowerp

    Cisco, Virl

    Played with this for a while. Need a decent amount of RAM. I upgraded my laptop to 16 gig and can run topologies of many routers of different types. If this can easily integrate ASA then we have an amazing tool.
  14. F2 supports routing. OTV I guess not. But we can practice OTV on the CSR1000v right? [Hidden Content]
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