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  1. I've reached out to my contacts at the vendor I'm using for studying and they are saying no updates. I think that if they wanted to sell more labs and study material they would say yes and try and sell more, but they are saying no.
  2. I'd really like to confirm or deny this, but for now.. I'll just wait and see. My lab is scheduled.
  3. Passed yesterday 7/12 with "ccie rs 400-101 -- 15 June 2019 - 100q Sequencial.pdf" thanks 'itmay8'. this pdf is the 85q with 15dnd with the OTV DND and it was on my exam.
  4. This 228q is the same file that was already posted, simply taken and someone added password and other marketing crap to it. The other file is questions from the older 219q file which I didn't see on my exam a few days ago.
  5. I had an issue downloading the file, but was able to view the file directly from their website than printed to PDF and it worked fine. To many URL redirects and other garbage on these websites.
  6. Guys, go to this thread download cciekrishna's PDF file. I took the exam in the last few days and these were all on the exam. I'm still compiling my files for upload, but don't study the old files. I studied the Spoto 216q and nearly 95% of those were NOT on the exam. cciekrishna has them here: [Hidden Content]
  7. I took the Exam this week and all of these questions were on my exam. I'll have to go through these one by one to see if there are any missing, but based on my quick scroll ALL OF THEM WERE ON MY EXAM, and I passed with HIGH 800's and I know I forgot the correct answer on a few of them. "for good measure".I purchased SPOTO 228Q - and they have 99.5% of the questions. There was 1 extra question on the exam, I cannot remember exactly what the question was, but it was something like; Q. You must migrate your network from PVST to PVST+ and the choices were something like below. a. You must migrated the access switches first b. You must migrate the Core switches first c. PVST+ is backward compatible with PVST so there are not issues with migration d. ?
  8. I'm looking to purchase this as well? Did you get your access?
  9. wow, why don't you send us to another site with a thousand malicious popups, web-redirects and more.
  10. all you have to do is unzip the first file, the unzip utility you use will auto join the remaining files as along as you do not rename them. TcpAdjust
  11. Not sure what happened but the file in 4shared is 33.7 Mb...and is corrected now if you didn't get it. Next time, try not to be so arrogant. Your welcome!
  12. mickeybui, not sure why you would question our answers to you, but if you do not believe what we tell you is true then I'd suspect you would take the time and go to the location that you would get the answers like this very quickly "Cisco's Certification website" however in the spirit of a sharing and caring forum and community I'll post the link for you and a snapshot of the exact answer your looking for. [Hidden Content]
  13. Correct... CCIE level does not have a prerequisite besides the Written portion before the Lab.
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