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  1. Trainbit links are working ok for me. Extracts just fine.
  2. In the picture above your hosts aren't actually in the cluster, that's why HA isn't working on them (the clue is in the total cpu resources area, it's showing 0Ghz).
  3. I think this is the previous exam, if you notice at the top it says this exam has been retired.
  4. 6.2.3B should be the next release but not sure on release dates.
  5. Of course you could download it yourself and post it as a torrent? Why expect others to do it if you won't?
  6. You need a BitTorrent client. uTorrent would be my suggestion.
  7. Have a look at the other thread about this and you will see that the missing files have been posted.
  8. Sorry but this is so cheap at the moment that surely you could buy it and share it?
  9. No easy way to download the files unfortunately, worth investing in a sub tho
  10. Like you I am not new to the world of certification, I gained my first Novell certification back in the 90s as well as various Microsoft and VMware certifications since, I am not coming in to this blind. My suggestion for using the HOL was simple, it gives you an environment to play with, you don't have to actually follow the HOL manual, you just spend that time playing with the interface, logging in to the controllers, playing with the ESG's etc, why? because not everyone has the fortune to have access to an NSX environment at work or home lab, not everyone knows how or where to get copies of the software or have the environment to actually deploy it in a home lab so using the HOL as a sandbox is an excellent way of gaining exposure and experience with the product if you can't get it anywhere else. Recommendations from current VCIX's (these guys passed in the 6 - 12 month ago stage btw, not last month) is if you don't have access to the product in either a testlab or production environment then gaining some exposure via the HOL is the best way to get that experience, again it's not about doing the tasks in the HOL, it's about getting the experience and if you can't understand or realise that then perhaps your opinions aren't as valuable as you think.
  11. Actually the HOL can be enough to pass the exam, I have a friend who passed his VCIX-NV with just HOL and white papers / product documentation. The HOL whilst it is there for a specific task can be used for many different things in the time frame.
  12. Create a free account and download yourself.
  13. I would suggest that material as well as the Admin Guide and the White Paper, that's pretty much all you need for the exam.
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