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  1. Internet Marketing Technical Training (IM Tech) MP4 | AVC @ 200 Kbps, 800 x 600, 15 fps | AAC @ 93.6 Kbps, 2 channels, 44.1 KHz | 1.25 GB Genre: Net Business / eLearning | Author: Bob Molton | Language: English "NOW... Break Through All Of The Technical Barriers And Sail Away With The Education And Experience That Will Lead You To Fulfilling Your Dreams Of Financial Security" Here's Your "Opportunity" To Discover The Help You'll Never Get From Others! In this course, you're getting 60 brand new step-by-step training videos that teach the technical side of how to build a successful online business. The Most Up To Date (6)+ Module Set Of Step-By-Step Technical Training Video Tutorials On The Internet! [hide]Download Links: Uploaded [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] RapidGator [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]]
  2. Paged Profits Formula MP4 | AVC @ 2373 Kbps, 1280 x 720, 30 fps | AAC @ 53.7 Kbps, 2 channels, 44.1 KHz | 691 MB Genre: Net Business / eLearning | Also included: PDFs + Bonuses | Author: Sam Mann | English Paged Profits Formula is a comprehensive course that shows your customer exactly how to pull in over $1,000 A Week Fixing Timeline Pages For Offline Businesses. It might sound extremely simple… but it works. It has everything they need to start making some serious money out of facebook (without spending a dime on Paid Ads) - Over 9 High Quality Videos - Over 13 PDF’s & Files - A Detailed Action Plan - A MindMap [hide]Download Links: Uploaded [Hidden Content] RapidGator [Hidden Content]]
  3. Fundamentals of Database Systems (6th Edition) by Ramez Elmasri and Shamkant Navathe English | 2010-04-09 | ISBN: 0136086209 | PDF | 1200 pages | 5,7 MB Clear explanations of theory and design, broad coverage of models and real systems, and an up-to-date introduction to modern database technologies result in a leading introduction to database systems. Intended for computer science majors, Fundamentals of Database Systems, 6/e emphasizes math models, design issues, relational algebra, and relational calculus. A lab manual and problems give students opportunities to practice the fundamentals of design and implementation. Real-world examples serve as engaging, practical illustrations of database concepts. The Sixth Edition maintains its coverage of the most popular database topics, including SQL, security, and data mining, and features increased emphasis on XML and semi-structured data. [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]]
  4. Lance Loveday and Sandra Niehaus, "Web Design for ROI: Turning Browsers into Buyers & Prospects into Leads" Ne w R iders | 2007 | ISBN: 0321489829 | 216 pages | PDF | 10,8 MB Your web site is a business—design it like one. Billions of dollars in spending decisions are influenced by web sites. So why aren't businesses laser-focused on designing their sites to maximize their Return on Investment (ROI)? [hide]Download Links: Uploaded [Hidden Content] RapidGator [Hidden Content]]
  5. Jennifer Grappone, Gradiva Couzin, "Search Engine Optimization (SEO): An Hour a Day, 3 edition" S,,bex | 2011 | ISBN: 0470902590 | 432 pages | PDF | 8,3 MB The third edition of the bestselling guide to do-it-yourself SEO Getting seen on the first page of search engine result pages is crucial for businesses and online marketers. Search engine optimization helps improve Web site rankings, and it is often complex and confusing. This task-based, hands-on guide covers the concepts and trends and then lays out a day-by-day strategy for developing, managing, and measuring a successful SEO plan. With tools you can download and case histories to illustrate key points, it’s the perfect solution for busy marketers, business owners, and others whose jobs include improving Web site traffic. A successful SEO plan is vital to any business with an online presence [hide]Download Links: Uploaded [Hidden Content] RapidGator [Hidden Content]]
  6. PHP for the Web: Visual QuickStart Guide (4th Edition) By Larry Ullman Publisher: Pea.chp.it Press; 4 edition 2011 | 528 Pages | ISBN: 0321733452 | PDF | 13 MB With PHP for the World Wide Web, Fourth Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide, readers can start from the beginning to get a tour of the programming language, or look up specific tasks to learn just what they need to know. This task-based visual reference guide uses step-by-step instructions and plenty of screenshots to teach beginning and intermediate users this popular open-source scripting language. Leading technology author Larry Ullman guides readers through the latest developments including use and awareness of HTML5 with PHP. Other addressed changes include removal of outdated functions and more efficient ways to tackle common needs. [hide]Download Links: Uploaded [Hidden Content] RapidGator [Hidden Content]]
  7. Recent Developments in Computational Collective Intelligence (Studies in Computational Intelligence) by Amelia Badica, Bogdan Trawinski and Ngoc Thanh Nguyen English | 2014 | ISBN: 3319017861 | 300 pages | PDF | 4 MB The book consists of 19 extended and revised chapters based on original works presented during a poster session organized within the 5th International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence that was held between 11 and 13 of September 2013 in Craiova, Romania. The book is divided into three parts. The first part is titled “Agents and Multi-Agent Systems” and consists of 8 chapters that concentrate on many problems related to agent and multi-agent systems, including: formal models, agent autonomy, emergent properties, agent programming, agent-based simulation and planning. The second part of the book is titled “Intelligent Computational Methods” and consists of 6 chapters. The authors present applications of various intelligent computational methods like neural networks, mathematical optimization and multistage decision processes in areas like cooperation, character recognition, wireless networks, transport, and metal structures. The third part of the book is titled “Language and Knowledge Processing Systems”, and consists of 5 papers devoted to processing methods for knowledge and language information in various applications, including: language identification, corpus comparison, opinion classification, group decision making, and rule bases. [hide]Download Links: Uploaded [Hidden Content] RapidGator [Hidden Content]]
  8. Udacity - Intro to Computer Science - Build a Search Engine English | .FLV | Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo | Video: h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 29.97 fps | 3.15GB Genre: E-Learning In this introduction to computer programming course, you’ll learn and practice key computer science concepts by building your own versions of popular web applications. You’ll learn Python, a powerful, easy-to-learn, and widely used programming language, and you’ll explore computer science basics, as you build your own search engine and social network. Why Take This Course? You’ll learn the programming language Python, and you’ll explore foundational concepts in computer science. Most importantly, you’ll start thinking like a software engineer by solving interesting problems (how to build a web crawler or a social network) using computer programming. This course is a first step into the world of computer science, and whether you want to become a software engineer, or collaborate with software engineers, this course is for you. You’ll be prepared for intermediate-level computer science classes when you’ve mastered the concepts covered in this course. Build a Search Engine: Throughout this course, you’ll build a search engine by learning about and producing key search engine components including a crawler, an index and a page rank algorithm. As you build these pieces, you’ll be learning about and practicing computer science skills that will ready you for intermediate level computer science courses. Build a Social Network: At the end of the course we will give you a set of relationships (i.e. strings of phrases like “Dave likes Andy, Kathleen and Kristy”) and you will use your new computer science skills to organize these relationships into a social network. With your new social network, you can explore relationships and gain insight into how you fit into your own social networks. Prerequisites and Requirements There is no prior computer programming knowledge needed for this course. Beginners are welcome! [hide]Download Links: Uploaded [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] RapidGator [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]]
  9. Timothy R. Mayes, Todd M. Shank, "Financial Analysis with Microsoft Excel, 6 edition" English | 2012 | ISBN-10: 1111826242 | 528 pages | PDF | 7 MB Now readers can master their Excel 2010 skills while establishing a strong understanding of contemporary corporate finance. Mayes/Shank's FINANCIAL ANALYSIS WITH MICROSOFT EXCEL 2010, 6E shows today's reader how to tap into some of Excel 2010's most powerful tools to solve real financial problems. The book's solid content addresses today's most important corporate finance topics, including financial statements, budgets, the Market Security Line, pro forma statements, cost of capital, equities, and debt. This edition now covers Excel tables, pivot tables and pivot charts and other areas that have become increasingly important to today's employers. The book's reader-friendly, self-directed learning approach and numerous study tools help readers build upon basic skills for the Excel 2010 proficiency and the solid finance knowledge business professionals need for success. [hide]Download Links: Uploaded [Hidden Content] RapidGator [Hidden Content]]
  10. Elizabeth Eisner Reding and Lynn Wermers, "Illustrated Course Guide: Microsoft Excel 2010 Basic" English | 2010| ISBN: 0538748362 | 184 pages | PDF | 27,5 MB Loved by students for the visual and flexible way to build computer skills, the Illustrated Course Guides are ideal for learning Microsoft Excel 2010 regardless of your experience level. Each two-page spread focuses on a single skill, making information easy to follow and absorb. The Illustrated Course Guides split Microsoft Excel 2010 concepts and skills into three manageable levels - Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced - perfect for workshops or accelerated courses. [hide]Download Links: Uploaded [Hidden Content] RapidGator [Hidden Content]]
  11. Alex Becker - A.C.S.R MP4 | AVC @ 1141 Kbps, 1280 x 720, 30 fps | AAC @ 132 Kbps, 2 channels, 44.1 KHz | 3.49 GB Genre: Net Marketing / Business / Traffic | Bonus included | Language: English Attract Control Sell Repeat. Grow lists of thousands of people in a week and make a 1000% return in 2 weeks Alex Becker is the founder of the multi million dollar SEO brand Source Wave Marketing. [hide]Download Links: Uploaded [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] RapidGator [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]]
  12. The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4A: Combinatorial Algorithms, Part 1 by Donald E. Knuth Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional | ISBN: 0201038048 | 2011 | PDF | 900 pages | 12 Mb Knuth’s multivolume analysis of algorithms is widely recognized as the definitive description of classical computer science. The first three volumes of this work have long comprised a unique and invaluable resource in programming theory and practice. Scientists have marveled at the beauty and elegance of Knuth’s analysis, while practicing programmers have successfully applied his “cookbook” solutions to their day-to-day problems. [hide]Download Links: Uploaded [Hidden Content] RapidGator [Hidden Content]]
  13. Pattern Oriented Software Architecture Volume 5: On Patterns and Pattern Languages by Kevlin Henney, Frank Buschmann English | 2007 | ISBN: 0471486485 | 490 pages | PDF | 5 MB Software patterns have revolutionized the way developers think about how software is designed, built, and documented, and this unique book offers an in-depth look of what patterns are, what they are not, and how to use them successfully The only book to attempt to develop a comprehensive language that integrates patterns from key literature, it also serves as a reference manual for all pattern-oriented software architecture (POSA) patterns Addresses the question of what a pattern language is and compares various pattern paradigms Developers and programmers operating in an object-oriented environment will find this book to be an invaluable resource [hide]Download Links: Uploaded [Hidden Content] RapidGator [Hidden Content]]
  14. Rachel Hinman, "The Mobile Frontier" English | ISBN: 1933820551 | 2012 | 280 pages | PDF | 19 MB Mobile user experience is a new frontier. Untethered from a keyboard and mouse, this rich design space is lush with opportunity to invent new and more human ways for people to interact with information. Invention requires casting off many anchors and conventions inherited from the last 50 years of computer science and traditional design and jumping head first into a new and unfamiliar design space. [hide]Download Links: Uploaded [Hidden Content] RapidGator [Hidden Content]]
  15. HTML5 Video How-to By Alex Libby 2012 | 82 Pages | ISBN: 1849693641 | PDF | 3 MB Publishing videos online has been around for a number of years, although has really taken off with the advent of video sharing sites such as YouTube. The power of video is huge if done well; it can present a lot of information in a more visually engaging manner than using written text and pictures. Done badly though – it can present real problems to the company or individual hosting the video, that have the potential to cause some real harm! [hide]Download Links: Uploaded [Hidden Content] RapidGator [Hidden Content]]
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