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  1. Public Link, why is it hidden?
  2. Could you share the missing Automation and assurance videos? Thanks
  3. This book was not released
  4. Be advised for INE CCNP Enterprise 350-401 ENCOR, these videos are still missing: 4. Introduction to Intent-Based Networking [22 videos] 22. Introducing The Network Time Protocol (Video) [only 1 video] 37. Cisco Firewall Technologies for Beginners -> ASA Advanced [only 1 video]
  5. The latest version for vMX Eval is 18.2 You can download it from here ( 60-day trial ) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Thanks, but a video is missing in Module 12 9 - Avoiding iBGP Full-Mesh Topologies (Route Reflectors) Part 2 It would be great if it can be uploaded.
  7. Yes, it is possible, note that you need the viptela serial file to connect the data plane to control plane
  8. The book is part of "Day One" series, it is not training, but it has useful information. By the way, the books are free on Juniper website
  9. Hi According to the Loop free topologies,possible answers could be Loop free U , there is a Layer 3 connection between agg switches and from access sws perspective, all uplinks are active. or Loop free inverted, there is a Layer 2 connection between agg switches (it could be a L3),all uplinks are active. So if the default link between agg switches is L3 in Loop free U, this should be the answer.
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