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  1. Count me in, PM me details of the group, I will like to join
  2. Please can you share all the c4c workbooks
  3. type444r

    2019 lab

    Please add me to the Group, I am interested
  4. You say use the search option but can you point to where the workooks for these eve labs are located.
  5. type444r

    DCIT- 300-180

    Please can you share to some of us that need it? thanks
  6. FANTOMMEDANCE can you assist with the latest questions? thanks
  7. Congratulations, can you assist in posting 179Q which you used for 300-165
  8. Hi guys, I searched through the forum but cannot find the liv3dn8as (179q) DCII 300-165 questions and updates. Please can anybody be kind enough to post these. I have my exam tomorrow, will appreciate any help I can get
  9. there was a post saying the 1131q had barely the 10 - 15 questions only. can someone please confirm that we do not need to use the 1131 q and just focus on the 1204 q
  10. I am also in the same shoes, please can anyone help us by sharing the complete TS and lab IOU package
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