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  1. Rob500 it's valid, check the thread which shared earlier
  2. [Hidden Content] Check this thread
  3. bals

    Versa sdwan vnca

    Scenario based questions mate? How much score to pass?
  4. Check out yat164 questions pdf too.. Seems it's latest..
  5. ENSDWI_Oct_2020.pdf did you got same quest as attached
  6. It will unless you prevent by "restrict" Command.. This cmd will regulate only will not allow cross connect unless colour match.
  7. Can you confirm you got the above questions? Valid one?
  8. Found the ensdwi questions on the net. Could someone confirm below question are still valid who ever attempted recently? ENSDWI_Oct_2020.pdf
  9. bals

    Versa sdwan vnca

    Already b shared by R2013, [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. Hi Does any one attempted versa sdwan vnx300 certification? Please share/advice the experience and material to prepare if any one attempted. Thanks
  11. Hi, Anyone attempted? Dumps valid?
  12. bals

    NSX-T 2.1

    Links not working.. Ple reup
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