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  1. Could someone share Release 7.1.1 please ?!
  2. @saxenanitesh852 are you sure test from AT are not valid?!! it says it was updated at the end of November ,it means 20-21 days ago but the changed number of questions from 375Q to 287Q . it is a bit odd ,loot at this archive showing site [Hidden Content]
  3. look at this Chinese forum [Hidden Content]
  4. @certkid please look at this FB Page it seems suddenly a lot of people started to pass CCIE DC written in last few days!!!!!!!!!
  5. i found DC dump on a Chinese forum ,it was uploaded 6 days ago ( 14th of December ) , the original uploader claims it's real exam dump but someone who has already taken DC written exam recently must confirm!!!!!!!!! [Hidden Content] also as certkid said already look at these Chinese web site too [Hidden Content]
  6. hi guys in my LAB attempt ,i saw when proctor was checking candidates ID cards , he had a paper that Candidate names and which attempt Candidate are trying to do was written on it , he called Candidates names from list and checked their ID cards ,after that he told us to wait for 5 to 10 minutes in waiting room to let him make Exam Stations ready for candidates , know i have question !!! do you think proctor know which LAB & TS did u get at your last attempt or choose an LAB & TS randomly?!!
  7. thank you all , i will inform you in few next days
  8. because i have no more money to pay for another attempt , i have to pass it this time
  9. Hi guys i'm going to take my second try in next few days , i failed my first attempt because of time management i took my first attempt about 9 months ago , after 9 months of practice i can do TS and K as below TS : i can complete UldisD web iou TS in less than one hour ( it's my average time, something between 40 to 60 minutes ,depends on which TS i'm doing) Ks : in less than 3:30 hours (it also depends on which K , 2:30 hours for K6 , 3 for k7 , 3:30 for k8 ) in last 9 months i studied about 6-7 hours per day any suggestion?!!
  10. hi guys regarding K6(old) PFR question are we allowed to use static route with high AD as a parent route , or we must use another method , i mean advertising vlan55 to BGP?! as i remember using static routes in k6 is against general lab requrements!!! but most of solusions in the forum use floating static routes for K6 PFR!!!!!!!!
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