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  1. @Deathdodger I swear it wasn't working! However it is working fine now! Thanks so much!
  2. It is empty, could you please upload again?
  3. @mfdds24 Not sure why but it did worked Thanks so much!
  4. @sallywally Could you please upload the videos? Link is empty. Thank you!!!
  5. certcollection.org does not work as password to open pluralsight. How did you fixed it?
  6. Just FYI I passed my 400-101 written today to re-certify after two years and none of the dumps here helped me much. There were some questions that were in the exam, yes, but the vast majority were not. It was a very difficult exam and I spend almost 2 hours on it. I barely passed and I'm not looking forward to take another CCIE (written or lab) anytime soon - hopefully never. Stupid corner questions of minor topics. Its not an expert level exam that you will consider that really test your understanding, but a punishment on theory that never comes handy. I'm glad I passed, but the exam intention is for you to fail. That's my impression.
  7. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but this is v2. I downloaded the full videos already.
  8. Hey I downloaded all videos and the audio is great!!! But what happen to the video? There's no video as far as I've seen :-(
  9. I personally would not have passed the lab if it wasn't for this forum. I'm pretty sure of that. But the people who only try to memorise the command to do something and not even understanding what they are doing, to me is a waste of time, money, etc. And probably is not going to take you anywhere besides becoming really frustrated. I know people trying to pass this lab without the minimum knowledge of networking basics. What good is going to do that, I don't know.
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