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  1. these question are vaild passed today the exam. few new question on infrasturcture and OSWP. 837 marks.
  2. what the state of play. these dump vaild? @mb400 how was your exam?
  3. @mhdalia when you sat for exam? did any new question pop up?
  4. the provided link does not work.
  5. how this work. I go to telegram page and copy the url of mega into a browser but it does not load. what i am doing wrong please help
  6. Hi All I passed my lab on 5th feb. Do a lot of practice. I had so many issues in lab and I was confident that I failed the lab. I couldn’t do testing in configuration but still pass the lab it was a relief for me. All the best to other candidates
  7. I did not followed any specific vendor. i followed from here and there whatever i go for free.
  8. passed lab yesterday at BRU. i had so many issue in lab. my wsa was not working with anyconnect. getvpn had issues and had issues with site-to-site vpn and with SSH. in last half an hour before the lab finished i made the ssh work and site to site and getvpn. but i could not make it work the wsa re-direct with anyconnect ikev2. i was confident i failed the lab. but its turn out the i passed the lab. i got tshoot1 diga1 and same old config. any questions ask me.
  9. lol i like the name dot1qtunnle ha ha ha...
  10. My lab in few day. already failed 3 attempts with in each section met the minimum requriment but overall cut score i failed the lab. please could you share your configuration or vendor which you followed it will great help.
  11. guys does anyone have the wireless written exam going to give exam on 28th Jan
  12. sxp works Dot1x and MAB works but posture does not work on this image.
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