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  1. It's 9.3.4 version available already, but from some reasons I can't download a file nexus9500v.9.3.4.qcow2 Can anybody share if not experience similar problems? Thanks in advance
  2. Hello, Could you make a snapshot of lab topology (drawing or drawings) and upload? Me and many others for sure would build a virtual lab and practice. It's simple to build my own topology, but it's very useful have an experience with "original" topology, because on exam we can expect the same or similar Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi I found this image better supports L2 features comparing to 2.4, but is much less stable. I use both images in eve-ng. Could somebody suggest valid settings? By default eve-ng sets QEMU Version to 2.4 NIC to e1000. Maybe any custom options? I run 3.1 and 2.4 with 5.5GBs of RAM. 2.4 is very stable, but 3.1 one time stars well, but another node hangs during boot. Thanks in advance
  4. HelloTommetje, Could you please share again image c1841-adventerprisek9-mz.155-2.XB.bin Thank you in advance
  5. Hi root0, For out of security products Cisco offer extended support. Some images are available only for customers who pay extra contract. If you have access to above link and can download images for 1841 please help some of us who still have 1841 routers. Even if you can download software for the most of the products this download can be "locked" because of lack of extra contract. I'm also looking for the same software for 2811. Best regards
  6. Could you please re-upload this file? Thank you in advance.
  7. Mentioned site technet24.ir was great some time ago, but now it's requires payment subscription ro download the most of files.
  8. Patch Version is avaliable from 5th of September. [Hidden Content] I will be grateful for upload.
  9. Thank you root0 It works fine. I did not expect is this works well for all new versions after smart licensing was introduced. I love backward compatibility Simple path: Install 2.0 -> crack -> install lic. files -> upgrade to 2.4 -> apply the latest avaliable update (update 2 at this moment) for 2.4 -> have fun The only license "issue" on virtual machine deployment is pop-up "Fewer VM licenses installed than VM resources/VM nodes deployed.". But it doesn't affects funcionality at all and seems to be more informational.
  10. Do you mean 2.3 and 2.4 work well after upgrade from cracked 2.0? All licenses working?
  11. Hello Could you please @root0 or somebody else share files: ise-patchbundle- ([Hidden Content]) ise-patchbundle- ([Hidden Content].1) becauses version 2.0 is the most stable with lic files
  12. Hi All, I already use ISE 2.1 (upgraded from 2.0 with applied licences). As I understand well this is the last versoin with working licences (Please correct me if I'm wrong). I haven't checked is it works well with patch(es) applied. Anyway this version is not free from bugs. I would ask for share the last parch for version 2.1 ise-patchbundle- Thank you in advance
  13. I had the same problem using Azureus/Vuze. I recommend qBittorrent - works just perfect. Thank you for perfect uploads, root0. A little off-topic, but despite of topic here I can't find IOS for 3560-8PC c3560-ipservicesk9-tar.150-2.SE11.tar If you don't have access to this file and can't share, then I don't know who can do it. Thanks
  14. Hi I'm not sure, but suppose that CSR has 1Mbit, but only in VIRL. Outside VIRL environment (image itself) is with no licence Correct me if I'm wrong. br
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