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  1. I am asking about them as from my experience almost all questions on the exam for those that I have already passed was from course student books. Many just word by word taken from course materials.
  2. Hi All, Does anybody have course materials for 210-065? I will be greatful if anybody share them. Thanks in advance
  3. Count me in for CIPTV2 & COLLAB. Thanks
  4. For me it's for sure answer B as correct one.
  5. Hi guys, I've just passed the exam. My stydy materials. - Cisco Official Cert book - not bad - CBT Nuggets - for the exam useless, but for the real life it's ok - SRND - lots of questions from here with answers word by word the same Now CIPT2 or CAPPS, we'll see. I'll decide after one week vacation. Regards
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